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  • If you’d like to donate, go here, then send me a message and I’ll send you a little something!

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Sometimes sending me an instant message is easier and quicker.

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Telegram Messenger

I use Telegram because it’s free, it’s fast, it’s open, and it’s secure. I also have it installed on multiple devices which means that there’s a much bigger chance of me returning your message quickly.

You will need an account but it’s quick to sign up. Telegram is web-based and it’s also available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android, Windows Phone, and others.

QR Code

You can scan the code below to message me. If you do not have Telegram, you’ll have a chance to download it.


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You can send me a chat message through Skype if that’s easier but I definitely do not answer video calls from people who I do not know.

Social Media

I have a few links to my social media profiles you can follow.

  • Twitter: IdiologicDotCom (for website posts only, public)
  • Twitter: Idiologic (for other tweets, private)
  • Tumblr: Idiologic at Tumblr (posts here are mirrored there, very rare “bonus” content, and ask me stuff)
  • YouTube: Beninoz1 (old account, hardly ever post anything there)
  • Facebook: Reserved for family and people I’ve met or have conversed with for years

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