Itching to Recharge

I’m back. I’d love to say that I am refreshed after getting some time to myself, but I’m feeling a bit drowsy today. Yesterday, I had an allergic reaction to something that I put on my hands. They started swelling, getting bumpy, and was very itchy. It happened to be the day that I didn’t have any Benadryl with me too, so I had burning, itchy hands all day. I do know that my hands look like they’ve aged 20 years from yesterday and it’s really sad because I have nice skin on my hands. Oh well, first world problems, right?

Magic medicine that I can’t get in Australia, so I have to bring it with me from the USA.

A few of you have reached out to me over my last post, and I really thank you for that. It was a rough week that week. It was a little bit better after that thankfully. I think that’s because I slept at home instead. I think the feeling of being in your own space with someone you care about makes things a lot better. The going to bed at 8 pm so I can wake up at 4 am thing really sucked though. I did get to sleep in today though. I woke up at 6 this morning, even with Benadryl.

It’s unfortunate that I don’t want to can’t say what I was up to over the past few weeks but I will say this: if you’re teaching people new to the field to do something, and they make small mistakes, huffing and puffing isn’t a good way to motivate them. I worked with someone like this and it was really irritating. It wasn’t directed at me, but it’s really hard to see someone try to train someone when they get so pissy over the smallest things. I had to get out of my passiveness and have a little chat with this person. I basically said that they needed an attitude adjustment and they’re supposed to mentor other students, not scare them off. (Hopefully this all makes a little sense. I have to be careful about what I say.)

That’s what infuriated me most this week. Impatience when patience is what’s needed. Oh, and the moodiness. Not a good combination.

Regardless, I chug ahead.

This week marked 8 years that my dad passed away. I try not to think of it much because I don’t think it’s necessarily good to acknowledge anniversaries of deaths. I think about my dad every day. I think about how difficult it is not being able to chat with him when I want. He was always really good at giving practical advice. I miss that. I wished he would have looked after his health a lot better though. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll “see” him again sometime. How, when, where? Who knows? (My dreams about him keep me from getting too sad about it. His memory is still alive. That’s the important thing.)

I hope you all are doing well. As I said, it feels good to recharge my battery. It’s good not to have to set an alarm. It’s nice to be able to drink coffee without the fear of rushing to a bathroom suddenly. It was nice playing with my XBox. It’s also good to have time to be in front of a computer too. I missed the little things!

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