My Happy Place: New York

I figured that last post I made about all the useless crap would amuse people for a day or two. I went the safe route and decided to wait 5 days!

One of those questions asked me about when I felt happiest and I said that it was when I lived in New York. I have to say that these days, I am more happy than sad/upset/depressed. I have a lot going on in my head, but overall, I am pretty content. It doesn’t mean that I am unhappy now, it’s just that being in and living in New York was incredible. It was a great experience.

I met some really nice people there and was around a friend of mine who basically did a lot to make me happy. I moved in with him and his place was one of the dirtiest places I’ve been in, so I cleaned up his whole house for him and he was really grateful for that. He had come from a different country and grew up having people who did that stuff for him, so understandably, it was a mess. I helped him past that and once I cleaned it up, it never got messy again!

He was also the first person I ever met that was Muslim too. He was fairly religious and I gave up pork products and alcohol while I lived with him out of respect. He was just an incredibly friendly guy and was really supportive with me leaving Texas the way I did. (I moved to New York right after high school and I did it suddenly. I stuck around for about 2-3 years. I met my friend on AOL (I think) and one day decided to move. Yeah… not a smart thing to do for anybody these days.) That is exactly why I will never be anti-Muslim, plus I see it as a complete waste of time, energy, and IQ.

I remember going to NYC on the weekends which was really scary at first because I grew up in such a small place. I learned to start loving the city and haven’t really been interested in living in a small town since then.

It was New York where I learned what love was and what it was like to be in love with someone regardless of where he might have been on Earth.

It was the first place I had been where it actually snowed enough so that I can make real snowmen. I remember how excited I was when it snowed a few inches. Then, because I had to clean my apartment, I learned to hate when the snow melted or when people walked through snow. Dirt would get all over the floor.

When I moved, it was the first time I had flown in a commercial aircraft for hours. I was so nervous and told the people checking me in that. They were really nice about it.

During the winter, the tree leaves would change colors and it was beautiful. I lived a little upstate, so I did have trees around. I had always heard stories about how beautiful autumn was in the northeast.

It was a calming time for me and it gave me time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and it also allowed me to be somewhat independent. I don’t know whether I used that independence wisely, though.

New York in general was a really great experience. I loved it. I experienced a lot of firsts there. I’d consider moving back there if I could, but I haven’t made a decision yet where I’m going to go and even when. I still have time to decide. I think being older would make everything very very different now, but I think I’d enjoy it.

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