I Miss You

I miss you…

My days and nights have been quite boring since my partner went back to his home country. It’s only temporary though and he’ll be back sometime late next month. It has taken a tremendous amount of control not to post something about how much I miss the guy.

I like to joke around with him telling him that I miss him because I have no one to cook for me, no one to do my laundry, and no genitals to grab (that aren’t my own). Of course, that’s not the only reason why I miss him. I actually really miss his company a lot. I miss having this guy next to me that radiates his love for me. (My radiance is a little harder for him to get, but it’s still there.) God, this is getting way too sappy!

I kind of knew that this little absence will be good for me but I thought that I’d be loving my solitude for a while before I really started missing him. In reality, I started missing him after I dropped him off at the airport and it’s been ongoing since.

Over the past few days, I really wished that he was here with me. I’ve had a rough few days and it took yesterday for me to finally get through it. I had a really bad day on Friday and got really depressed. On my way home, I was a mess but got to talk to J and he helped me feel a bit better. That’s all I really needed was just to hear from him, but it made me a bit more sad that he wasn’t around.

Soon he’ll be back and I am really looking forward to have my man back.

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