The other day, I did something that I haven’t done in a long time:

I weighed myself.

The result wasn’t what I wanted to see, but it’s something that I will have to deal with. I hopped on the scale and saw that I weigh 80 kg now. That’s about 176 pounds. I’m almost 6 feet tall at about 182 cm tall.

That means my body mass index (BMI) is 24.2. A BMI of 25 is overweight. I’m not an athlete and I don’t spend all my time at the gym. So it’s pretty spot-on that I’m creeping back up to that point where I am considered overweight.

My genes aren’t blessed with good health. A lot of family members have a lot of preventable health problems. In fact, my dad passed away as a result of his poor decisions relating to his health. Around that time, I decided I’d do what I can to take better care of myself. It went well and I got a lot healthier and bulkier, of course, a few years have passed and all the muscle mass and healthiness faded away.

So it’s back to doing something about it before I get too miserable or I’m forced to do blood glucose tests all the time.

It makes me sad, but I’m still young enough to do something about it before I just get bigger and bigger.

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