Technology Nightmare

Oh. My. God.

It has been the worst weekend for me as far as technology goes. You remember that nice Windows 8.1 update? Well, I decided to download and install it on my Surface RT (which is actually a nice toy, honestly). I had to update it from Windows 8.1 Preview to Windows 8.1 which was fine and all. When I updated it from Windows 8 to the preview, it was quite fast to do it and I have to admit that I really like the improvements to it. Anyway, before this gets off to be a suck-up-to-Microsoft post (which it’s not, and you’ll see why), I’ll let you know that it went horribly, horribly wrong.

Surface Blue Screen of Death

Taken from Twitter: LanceUlanoff

First, my Internet connection at home sucksbad. I am lucky to get a 100 MB file in an hour. So what I did was kept my Surface plugged in and propped up, let it download and went to bed. I woke up and most of it had downloaded but there was an error complaining that it didn’t finish. Fine. I only had about 4 hours to burn anyway so I did it again. It downloaded, it installed and then it went to the restart. Then it restart. Then it restart again. Then it restart. Then I get presented with this very ugly screen saying that “my PC needed to be repaired” and some junk about the boot stuff being broken and blah blah blah. Naturally I freaked out and tried to stop and restart it 100 times. Didn’t work… I also didn’t have a recovery disk either (You bet your ass I do now!). So I called Microsoft and said, well what do I do? I was probably one of the first to report this so he worked with me to get it fixed and I also have to say that Microsoft’s technical support was excellent that day. What was funny though is that he said I could just go borrow someone else’s Surface RT and make a recovery USB disk and I kinda giggled and said “Seriously?” (I am the only person I know who has one.) or I could go into an electronics store and have them make one for me from a floor model. Well, I did go to JB Hi-Fi in Brunswick and the guy said “Nope. Can’t do things like that.” So I was thinking that this wait to either replace this tablet or to get a working recovery USB disk was going to take forever. I ended up just downloading the stupid thing online. Still worked, luckily. Restored the thing and voila! I have a working Microsoft Surface again! I then spent the next day trying to download the update from the Windows Store that they pulled (since apparently other people were having the exact same problem). Thinking something was wrong, I did every single thing I could to get the update to show up (you know, since I had my recovery USB now). It was a no-go. I spent hours doing this – the thing is that they didn’t really tell anybody they were pulling it. I had to scour tweets and stuff to find out. NOT GOOD, MICROSOFT!!!

But yes, at least I have a working tablet now. (The Surface is actually a good tablet but I really wish more developers would jump onboard to make apps.)

Today, I just got home and I had not updated my laptop to Windows 8.1 yet. (It doesn’t have a touchscreen so it kinda sucks.) So downloaded it in about 8 hours, installed it and presto!!! Everything was gone. All my Adobe applications, Office, all my web browsers… all f—ing gone. I would have much rather the Surface DIED than this happen. So now I am trying to get things done but have to sit around for HOURS and download software after software. Not fun.

All these problems, along with my laptop refusing to connect to the Internet while using any Windows operating system… has stopped me from posting here regularly.

I think my next laptop will be a Mac. My desktop will be, that I know. (I had been a Mac user for several years and thought the jump to PC wouldn’t hurt me… so far, I have been disappointed. I can’t believe people would rather use Windows.)

That image up there? It wasn’t mine. I didn’t take a picture because I was pretty pissed when I saw it. The credit goes all here.
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