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The Idiologic Podcast (TIP)

It’s been dragged back out of the attic. I said I wouldn’t do it, but here I have.

It’s basically a personal journal type of podcast that is updated semi-regularly documenting the big and small events of my life or anything else that’s on my mind. One day it could be about food and the next day, it can possibly be about politics (I hope not though). You just never know!

Feel free to leave feedback and comments!

Episodes Available

If you want to see a list of the most recent episodes, go here.

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When TIP Gets Updated

I try my best to post new episodes on Thursdays or Fridays (depends what side of the world I’m on at the time), every week or every other week.

If You’re New or Returning After a Break

Need an introduction about me or my podcast (or maybe you’ve missed several episodes)? Start with the latest introduction podcast episode. I like to record them semi-regularly so you have the latest updates.


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