TIP Help Guide
General Information
What is The Idiologic Podcast (TIP)?

TIP is a personal journal style podcast that documents the things in my head at the time, whether it's where I'm traveling, the food I'm eating, or other stuff.

I feel like talking to myself is somehow therapeutic. I'm not in this for fame, fortune, or anything else like that.

When does TIP get updated?

I try to post new episodes every week or two near the end of the week (including the weekend).

Guide Information
How do I subscribe to the feed?

There are many ways to subscribe to the podcast feed. You can subscribe using iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or any other feed reader. You can use the feed located here.

What do the colours and tags on the list mean?

List Colours

Some episodes are colour coded on the list. This means that some episodes are slightly more special, unavailable, or non-existent. Some episodes have more than two types. If you see a title bar that changes to different colours, you can assume they belong to those types. For example, a title bar that loops from red to blue means that it is an unavailable introductory podcast episode.

Regular Podcast Episodes

These are regular podcast episodes, meaning you will find them in the regular feed. You'll get updates if you subscribe to any feed or feeds including Apple iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or any other thing you may use.

Introductory Podcast Episodes

If you've missed a few months of podcasts or if you're new, I don't expect you to go back and listen to all the podcasts up to the current date. Listen to the latest episode and be caught up on all the major stuff you've missed.

Unavailable/Future Podcast Episodes

These are one of the following podcast episodes:

  • Planned, but not recorded episode
  • Recorded episode (but not edited yet)
  • Recorded episode (but not publicly available)
  • Cancelled episode (which may become available later)

Sometimes, these episodes may appear with a title that says '???', 'Unknown', 'Planned Episode', or something similar. The description may also not be available. The date(s) given can sometimes change as well. Stuff happens to prevent me from uploading sometimes.

These are not available on the podcast feed, yet.

Early Access Episode lock

This is an episode that you can access a little earlier.

You will not see these on the guide unless you're logged in with your TIPs Account.

These are not available on the podcast feed yet, but will be soon.

Super Special Episodes lock

These are podcast episodes that have been recorded and are still good, but for one reason or another, I chose not to post it on the public feed. It doesn't necessarily mean that they're of poor quality or anything like that.

These are not available on the podcast feed.


There are two different tags:

How can I customise how the list looks?

Under the search bar, there is a link to open advanced options.

The guide uses browser cookies to keep track of whether you want to view the table view or the grid view of the guide. Additionally, you can set the number of episodes you see per page.

The default is 12 episodes in grid view.

How can I leave feedback on episodes?

If you want to leave feedback about a particular episode, you can do so by tapping or clicking on the menu icon (menu) at the upper-right of the player pop-up window. Then you can tap or click the button that says "Comment".

If you'd rather send me a private message through my website or through Telegram, you can find a form or information to do that here instead.

I try to respond to all feedback but sometimes I forget!