Australia Says “YES”

Australia Says Yes… like everybody knew they would, but apparently it takes wasting $122 million to figure that out. Pic is from Equal Love.

Exciting news! The Australian people have voted in favour of marriage equality.

Over 61% said yes. [Australia votes ‘yes’ to same-sex marriage.]

It’s a little funny though. I really thought that it would have happened before it did in the USA, but even despite that, I didn’t have too many problems with it because Australia is such a laid-back, relaxed place and even without marriage equality, same-sex couples still had a lot more rights than they did in the USA (and still do, honestly).

Something important to know is that it is not legal yet. It basically gives everybody in Parliament the right to a free vote (and hopefully, if they aren’t douchebags, vote with the rest of the country). A Bill needs to be written to make it law and the politicians have to vote on it.

It’s also a bit funny when the people on the “No” side said that the country shouldn’t cater to minorities when it comes to same-sex marriage. Do you know who IS the minority now? Them. Now they’re wanting to make it as hard as possible by writing discrimination into Australian law. They say “Oh, but we have to get our way too since we lost.” You know what would happen if the result was the other way around? Exactly. I don’t feel bad for them. Not. At. All. That’s why I don’t like religion and why being in a country that’s not so religious is great.

It’s also nice to see that Australians don’t have shit for brains like their American counterparts. Thank you, Australians!

Sorry that this was posted so late. I wrote this for Wednesday and forgot to post it! I made a few changes to this post though. (Also true: I’m infuriated, bored, and tired.)

Rain, Wind, and Douchebaggery

Yesterday, the sun didn’t hang around for long. A blanket of clouds covered the skies, and of course after the blanketing became too thick and the sun set, it started to rain. Since I live quite a distance away, I thought that the rain was just temporary so I went home.

When I first moved to Australia, I went through 3 umbrellas in one day. The wind can be brutal.

The thing about living near Melbourne is that you never know whether you’ll need a coat or an umbrella. Most of the time, you need to lug both around you. You never know what the weather is going to do and I’d say the people who “predict” the weather, and I say that with the whole air quotes thing, get it totally wrong. A sunny day turns into a day when the rain is coming at you sideways. They don’t really know what it’s going to do. When I lived in Texas, as long as I could remember, they were usually correct with what the weather would be like. 95% or more accuracy. Here, it’s just anybody’s guess. The TV meteorologist will say that it will be comfortable and calm all day, and wham, midday, a storm roars in with hurricane-style wind. Very annoying.

So, thinking they were going to get it wrong, I didn’t bring an umbrella. I didn’t actually need a jacket or coat. I got off the train at the station and it was raining. I stood there thinking, well, okay I’ll wait for a taxi and go that way. A taxi didn’t come and the city I live in has a really bad problem about not showing up when you call them and their app needs a lot of work. (Taxis cancel on you all the time, then call you after you’ve left wondering where the hell you are.) So, I was like, okay fine. I’ll run.

I had a backpack full of computer equipment and leftover sticky chicken from Gami Chicken and Beer. It’s not really something you want to mix up in a wet bag. I did run a little bit but I didn’t want to drop anything or have a sticky mess in my bag. So, I walked. The rain got worse and I was walking and laughing at myself for not trying harder to get a taxi.

There’s something I am leaving off though. I messaged my partner before I got to the station asking him what he was doing. In fact, I sent him messages before that and noticed he looked at them but didn’t reply. I was hoping he’d realise that it was raining hard and would meet me with an umbrella about 3/4 of the way or something. I finally just stopped waiting and messaged him to tell him that I was making a run for it back home, hoping that would sorta nudge him to do it. He didn’t.

I walked in completely wet and irritated. He said it wasn’t his problem and I should have at least brought an umbrella (which yeah, he was right) and that it was all my fault. I told him that he should have at least had the sense to meet me at some point since it was raining. I would have been wet anyway, regardless, but I thought it would have been nice. I get a bit heated sometimes, but honestly, the rain wasn’t that cold. It eventually got cold, but it wasn’t unpleasant. I was just really worried about my laptop and stuff.

This is Mini Willy. My Chromecast’s name is Willy. If I got a Google Home, I guess his name would be Big Willy. I didn’t ask for its preferred pronouns though, so I’m not sure.

So I went off on him, took a shower, and walked to my desk to get something. I saw a bag that said “Surprise! Happy Birthday” (it’s not for a few weeks) and looked in it and my partner had gotten me a Google Home Mini. I had been thinking about whether I wanted the bigger Google Home, Google Home Mini, HomePod, or if I even needed anything at all. I had almost decided that I would just wait to see what Apple’s HomePod was going to be like first. (I think this was probably my partner’s way to keep me from spending over $400 on a speaker.)

So far, it’s been nice. I’m learning a lot of insults in Hindi to prepare myself for India (at some point). It is nice to be bossy and ask “What time is it” during the night. I guess my more in-depth “review” will be later.

So, after being a big douche, I felt really bad. My partner isn’t happy with me and hasn’t really said much to me since last night. It’s a bit sad. I feel awful for being so mean like that. I think the both of us can be a bit mean though. I just feel quite bad. He’s at work though. So I’m going to have to patch things up when he’s back.

Will Australia Say Yes? We Find Out Tomorrow…

Tomorrow’s the day. The result of the opinion poll that cost $122,000,000 of taxpayer money comes out. I’m just posting this little blurb to say that I am really hopeful that there is a ‘Yes’ majority (and fairly confident it will be), but I also thought there was absolutely no way that the man running the USA would be so-called running it (yeah, into the ground). It was a huge surprise for a lot of people and had the popular vote meant something, my home country would be more respected now. BUT that’s not what this about…

My hopes are high but I don’t want to get them too high for that very reason. I want to think that people aren’t really horrible, but I get a shock sometimes.

But having said that, I’m going to try to go to one of the result events in Melbourne. I just don’t know which one yet.

When the next election happens here, I really, really hope that the voters here remember who put us in the firing line like this and who wasted all this money just to make a few Conservative nutcases happy.

I also hope to God, Jesus, and The Great Flying Spaghetti Monster people in the USA see what damage Redneck King and Holy Lord-Elect Trump has caused already. The USA is such a joke right now. Everybody’s pointing and laughing and I’m here happy I don’t live there now.

Super hard not to get all political now but it happens. The angry thing happens when you watch the land you’re from sink before your eyes.

I’ll post tomorrow after 10 am, when we find out.

More Thanks: Free From Addiction (Part 2)

A week of posts where I complain and whine about my health issues. Who would have thought that is possible? Well, it is. Even as I type this, I am coughing like someone with a 20 year chain-smoking habit. That has caused my voice to go out a few times. You could not imagine the number of people who will call you to chat when you tell them you have a sore throat and you’re about to cough up a lung or two. It feels like this happens every time. I don’t know if it’s a form of validation to see whether I am really that sick or not, but it happens–a lot.

This isn’t what I do, but it sure looks how I feel/sound. (Wait… did that make any sense?)

Regardless, I am starting to feel somewhat better which is great. So, I guess I am thankful that I am feeling a bit better right now.

Speaking about that, a few days ago, before my voice went out and I felt like I drank a quart (which is about 1.15 litres, because the measurement really counts here) of dumpster juice, I had a chat with one of my cousins and I realised something: Wow, my family is really messed up. I still love them so I don’t mean that as something that makes me angry. It makes me more sad than anything.

As my cousin was more or less naming off the drugs he does and how much he drinks, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I am that I never really started. There are reasons for this though. My dad was quite an alcoholic when I was a kid. Mostly, things were relatively calm at my house. He wasn’t one of those belligerent drunks that punched holes in walls every night (he did do this a few times, but only 2-3 times) or anything, but when he was angry while drinking, things would go flying across the room. The music would get really, really loud. He’d always want to have these chats with my sister and I that were, I guess, deep for him in his inebriated state. I learned quickly just to stay out of his way because he’d either have a hangover or he’d be drunk to the point where bonding wasn’t possible. It really made me sad. He finally was able to get himself together years later, but the damage was already done.

I am a binge drinker when I drink. It probably explains the 2-3 day hangovers I get. Luckily it’s only a day or two per year, but for the past few years, I’ve been drinking responsibly… and that’s good, right?

That’s the main reason why I don’t drink more than I do (perhaps 2-3 times per year up until now). Plus, hangovers are a bitch for me… and I tend to over-drink. Let’s just say that it’s really hard to balance that quantity vs time aspect. I do admit that when I first moved here, drinking became a coping mechanism for me and for a while I drank about 4-5 times per week. I put on a lot of weight and just felt pretty bad. It only lasted about a month.

On one side of the family, all my uncles are alcoholics (including my cousin’s dad). Every holiday we had over my grandparents’ house was a chaotic mess. Every year it was the same old thing: “I quit drinking.” Out of the corner of my eye, I’d see them sipping on something, go and smell it, and it would be strong enough to burn the hairs out of your nose. No one ever really stopped drinking, I think.

I don’t know why or how, but I have avoided falling into that lifestyle. I hardly drink. I certainly wouldn’t even dream using drugs like my cousin does. Addiction is a horrible thing in my family, I feel and I am thankful that I never let it fully grasp me. It really messed with my childhood a lot and it still affects me in one way or another now in my adult life (but at least now, I can be more vocal about it). I wouldn’t wish this kind of thing on any child or spouse. I don’t know where I got the strength from becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs, but I’m thankful I have it. I guess that applies to smoking cigarettes too…

Ah, and about my health… I am from a family of smokers too. I saw pictures of my mother smoking while she was pregnant with me. I like to blame that for all my allergies, breathing issues, and for getting sick all the time. I don’t smoke either and never had the urge. Hell, I don’t know what I’d be like if I did.

I do get sick a lot and take a lot of sick days. People see this as a little excessive (and unwarranted) but I know my body. I know what I am capable of and not capable of when I am sick. I know when I can push myself and when I need to stay still and rest. I shouldn’t have to feel guilty for taking care of myself.

I know this post is a bit strange. It was brought on by something, but I was going to post something about my health regardless if I got sick or not. I decided after my last post that I was going to post something about the thanks I owe myself for being strong in other ways. I know stuff seems a bit negative and stuff, but it’s my way of processing it.

So that’s that! I hope this long post makes up for my lack of updates lately. I’m gonna try to do my next batch of Thanksgiving-themed thanks posts later.

My Week Sucked

I’ve spent most of the week being immobile, being unable to see out of my right eye, and having a cold. It really stopped me from doing anything productive. I’ve been trying to gather my strength to write a bit, but haven’t been able to write much. Not only that, I ended up having unexpected company for almost the full week too.

For the past few days, I’ve been staying in bed, trying to get better. I was hoping to feel much better today but it didn’t happen.

Not a pleasant week for me to be on vacation. Maybe next week will be a little better.


Eye Hate

Over the past few days, I have been trying to type something about my relationship, but I can’t manage to sit and type for long, or look at a computer screen (or any display for that matter) for too long. I’m having some problem with my eye. The lower eyelid is swollen quite badly and every time I blink my eye, it hurts so bad. So, I haven’t been able to finish any of my writing.

I suspect that I got something in my eye the other day that I’m allergic to, so it hasn’t been very pleasant. I’m putting medicated antibiotic drops in my eye so hopefully that will fix it.

I will be back once it’s healed. Talk to you girls and guys later.

I Hate the Air Right Now

The weekend is here. Unfortunately, this weekend I don’t feel like doing much because I feel like I have a huge, forever-tightening clamp on my head. Or a better way to put it is this:


Basically, I feel like that will be my head at any moment. I’ve spent almost all my time since Friday in a darkened room and sleeping whenever I can. I woke up today and felt a little better but it’s getting a little bit worse as the time goes on.

I feel like it’s more of a problem with my sinuses than anything. Spring is here and people are mowing their grass every chance they get. The smell of freshly mown grass is enough to make me feel like this. I hate grass. I’m allergic to it, actually. My parents pretended like I wasn’t and made me the official grass mower when I was a kid. Every time I’d finish mowing, I’d look like, feel like, and sound like I had the flu for the past 3 years. I think my allergen immunotherapy needs a little bit of a recharge but then, I ask myself whether I want to subject myself to immunisations every week. (Hint: I don’t. Plus, it’s not really that bad. Not as near as bad when I was in Texas.)

So yes, I’ve been hiding this weekend and if it doesn’t get any better, I will be hiding all this week too.

Thanks! (Part 1)

To save myself from posting every day, I thought I would tell you about the things, people, and places that I am thankful for, once a week only. I did this last year, but all my posts got lost in an accident, so there’s nothing to go back to. I guess that’s a good thing, right?

I’m Thankful for My Friends

First thing’s first. I have to give credit to my friends for keeping me sane (mostly). I think that a good network of friends is important to have though I can be a bit of a loner at times. Over the years, they’ve learned a lot about who I am and what I am, and they still care for and support me. I’m really thankful for that.

I’m Thankful for My Family

Since I’ve moved overseas, my interactions with my family are somewhat limited but thanks to Facebook, I can stay in touch with them. When things get a bit scary, I know that I can have a chat with either my sister or mom, and then I feel better. It works every time.

I’m Thankful for My Partner

It takes people with a lot of patience to be with me. I know that it’s not really easy, but my partner has stuck with me for years. He’s a really great guy. He has been absolutely wonderful since I’ve met him and I’m a lucky guy to have found such a great guy. He’s been really patient with me during our 2 year engagement too.

I’m Thankful for You, My Followers/Readers

Thanks for reading this stuff, even if you fit into one of the categories above. I know I’m not as interesting as I used to be, so thanks for sticking around! I don’t get much traffic these days and it means a lot that you come and check up on me.

That’s it for now. Look for more next week! 🙂

Hello, November!

Hi! You know what today is, don’t you? It’s the beginning of November! And do you know what that means?! It’s time for everybody to post each day about what they’re thankful for. Unfortunately, I haven’t really made the decision whether I’m going to do that every day because, well, it’s a lot of writing and it requires me to be extremely nice. So maybe a post every Saturday? Sounds good?

Usually, this is my favourite time of the year but that applies only when I am in the USA. I like the lead up into winter. Here in Australia, it’s basically the opposite, where we’re heading into summer. The fact that it’s getting hotter at this time of the year is a bit of a bummer because I still like it being a little cold now. It takes away the feeling of the start of the holidays.

One of the questions that people ask me is if I celebrate Thanksgiving while I’m here. I don’t. Why not? Because I can’t bake turkeys and well, it’s hard getting into the spirit when no one else does. So! I save all my Thanksgiving cheer for when I’m in the USA with my family. I’m looking forward to going back at that time next year.

So how am I going to start this off? I’m going to say that I am thankful that I have gotten a chance to live overseas. Most, if not all, of my family haven’t had this opportunity and I believe I am extremely lucky to be able to travel so far away. I do love Australia a lot and you’ve probably heard that a lot, but still, as Dorothy says, “there’s no place like home”. Though I think about it sometimes, I’m thankful that I can travel back and forth and have dual citizenship too. (But I think we all know how it would go if I was forced to choose one…)

That is all. I need to change my theme for the month, so I’ll be doing some work on that. Have a great November everybody.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Whatever you’re doing today, I hope it’s a good (and scary) day for you. I don’t do much for Halloween since I’ve been in Australia. Australia tries to get into the spirit, but it does a terrible job.

(Not my weenie dog, unfortunately.)