Sometimes, people ask me how they can help me keep my website going or just to help me get place to place. There are a few ways to do this.

  • Sign up for hosting through Dreamhost
  • Download, install, and use the Brave browser (you don’t have to pay anything for this)
  • Donate directly with PayPal
  • Donate to another cause

I really don’t expect your donations to make me rich, to buy myself fancy steak dinners, pay for my vacation, or to make me retire earlier. Your donations are prioritized to pay for web hosting bills first and put towards better equipment. (I do admit that I’d like a GoPro though!)

Host your website with Dreamhost

I have used Dreamhost to host websites since 1998 so they must be good if I am still with them, right? Absolutely. I haven’t had any major problems with them since then (and the very few minor problems were usually caused by me).

If you’d like your own webspace with a free domain, use one of the links below to sign up. I don’t want to over-complicate things, but you can only save up to $30 if you decide to pay your bill monthly, however, if you pay annually, you can save up to $50.)

If you get hosting with Dreamhost with one of the above links, let me know. Send me your domain name and email address, and I’ll send you something from wherever I am at the moment (Australia, usually).

Download, Install, and Use the Brave Browser

You can download, install, and use the Brave browser to help me out. While you browse and visit my website, you have the opportunity to fund a wallet to contribute a percentage to Brave-verified websites. is a Brave-verified website and any percentage you’d like to give to us is very appreciated!

Brave has many nice features including:

  • Faster browsing on desktop and mobile
  • Blocks ads and trackers
  • Upgrades the connection to HTTPS when possible
  • Syncing bookmarks and preferred settings
  • Support your favourite sites with Brave’s built-in crypto-token, the Basic Attention Token
  • Works very nicely with Bitwarden (and others)

Brave is my second most-used browser across all the operating systems I use.

Download Brave (desktop and/or mobile)

PayPal Donations

You can also donate through PayPal in any amount. You don’t have to use a PayPal account to do this and they give you quite a lot of payment options.

Use this link to send me money through PayPal.

If you send me $20 or more, let me know. Include the email address you used as well as the amount you sent, and I’ll send you a little something from wherever I might be at the moment.

You will notice that the link has a Texas city on it. That’s because the link is for my USA PayPal account (the one I use most often). If that’s a problem, contact me and I’ll give you a link to my Australian account.

Donate to Someone Else

It’s good to help others. If you’re not up to donating to me, please donate to your favourite charity instead.

I care a lot about health research. Parkinson’s disease, mental health, kidney health, and such are great causes to support. I do when I can.

After You Do Any of These Things…

Send me a message and I will give you credit in a web post, podcast episode, send you something Australian (if you want), give you early access to things I’m working on, or something else!