#49: Wax to Wane

Randomising the Legend of Zelda for NES

I’m old. I love playing games from when I was a wee lad. I especially love playing a certain familiar game and having most of the items, all the dungeon rooms, enemies, and junk moved around in random places. It really screws with your brain.

Wizzrobes in the first dungeon… fun stuff. But hey, I found a red ring somewhere. šŸ˜‰

I’ve made a random game of Zelda for the NES based on the randomised tournament runs and it’s been really fun. You can download the .nes file here to play on an emulator (I use OpenEmu).

That custom rom is actually pretty fun. I ended up finding the red ring early from somewhere and since there are red and blue Wizzrobes everywhere, it helps a bit.

To get the Zelda Randomizer application for Windows so you can make your own Zelda-related nightmare, you can visit the site. (Keep in mind that you will need a Zelda rom which I do not provide here.)