A Few Podcast-related Updates

Hello folks! I hope everybody is doing well. I know I don’t show my face here very often anymore. Don’t worry, I’ve been a bit reclusive in my personal life as well. I guess it’s just because I’m trying to work as much as possible before I head off to Texas.

“Official” Name Changed

I’ve changed the name from The Idiologic Podcast to Complicated Noise on Apple Podcasts. If you’re already subscribed, you should see that TIP is gone and replaced by Complicated Noise. It’s full steam ahead.

Podcast Feed Changes

I am posting this to let you know that I’ve made a few changes to the podcast feed. I’ve changed the name officially to Complicated Noise and moved all the files and feed to the new website. I’m working on getting the guide together now.

Podcast Files Moved

I’ve moved all the files to the new website, so you should see each file being downloaded from the new website. The episode covers and audio files are all on the new server, but if you go through the posts on this weblog, they’ll still point to the files on this website.

The Episode Guide

I’m going to have to retire the old version since I hard coded a lot of the file locations in the guide. Unfortunately, I don’t want to go back and read through all the code. I’ve also been working on a new one. Take a gander here but keep in mind that I’m still working on it:

Yeah, I’ve reused code but I’ve added a lot to the functionality. The little RECAPTCHA logo in the lower right will only appear on forms.

It’s coming. I say by the end of the year. Of course, I want to get it done before I head off to Texas. I need to get the feed creation down before then. (Right now, I’m depending on Feeder 3 which I like, but want it all to be automated.)

In Conclusion…

I have a lot to work on still but I don’t want to be making changes to the old software right now because my “free time” is a bit limited. It’ll come at some point! Just thought that I’d update you guys.

#38: Awakening

I talk about the dreams I had last night and share thoughts of religion with you. If you want me to go into more detail about what I’ve talked about, please let me know. Or ask some questions: Either way, it’s all good.

I’m in the process of moving things over to the new website, so I’ve stopped using the web-based player for now.

As Much as I Love Winter…

I’m totally over it.

Right now, as I type this, it’s 2ºC/34ºF. The house I moved into must be insulated with a sheet of paper or something because almost every morning for the past several weeks, it’s been like this. When I lived in Texas, this was a yearly occurrence. This was really nothing out of the usual for oh, maybe a week out of the year. It’s been ongoing here though. And I’m really sick of it.

My thinking is that you can always bundle up when you’re cold. When you’re hot, you have limited options to cool yourself off. It seems that I could wear 7 layers of clothes and still be cold. My husband and I freeze our tails off almost every single morning and getting up is a chore. I just managed to wake up early because I need to go to work. (I ended up working late last night, 11:30 pm late, and then having to go in this morning–but that’s okay. I get to work my fun job today.) It is freezing. I’ve got the heater going, but my fingers are like icicles.

That brings me to another issue. Remember how I am going back to the USA at the end of the year? That means that I get my winter from about June until the end of August here in Australia, then right when it’s going to warm up, I am heading for winter again. No good summer for me, but missing out on the flies might make it worth it. They’re pretty bad, but I’ve complained about that a lot already.

My favourite time of the year is usually winter-time, but I’ve decided that I only like winter when I’ve got a good heater. It’s times like this when I really miss the central heating I had in the USA. I’ve only had it one place I’ve lived in while I’ve been in Australia and stupid me didn’t even use it except twice.

Anyway, here’s hoping that I don’t trip and shatter into millions of pieces. Stay warm out there, my fellow Aussies.

#37: Shallow

I’ve always thought that by having preferences of who I am attracted to was considered shallow, so I struggled talking about what I found attractive in other people, physically and mentally. I talk a little about my past relationships as well and why I dated them and what I love about my current partner. My throat is a little sore in this one and it’s really noticeable at the end.

I’m in the process of moving things over to the new website, so I’ve stopped using the web-based player for now.