RIP, Andy

I haven’t really said anything for a while but rest assured, I have not accomplished anything much in the last few days. There hasn’t been anything recorded or anything like that. In case you weren’t able to read my Twitter feed, I’ve had a rough week. My MacBook Pro decided that it was going to bite the bullet and stop working. (I think the hard drive finally failed after a really rough run. The thing’s been giving me trouble since I got it.) And secondly, my dachshund in Texas had to be put to sleep over his irreversible health issues. He was suffering a lot by that time, and the last time I saw him, the poor little guy seemed like he was having a lot of issues. I’m just really sad right now about it and it’s put me in a bit of a funk over the week so much that my husband and his family have been asking what’s wrong. I finally told them.

I got a playful dachshund puppy Andy (who I named Andrew–I totally believe in giving dogs people names) in 2003 in the spring. (His birthday on his certificate was 14 March.)

I loved my little puppy so much, really. I went to the farm (it was a real farm, not a puppy farm) to pick up a puppy. I had already picked one of them out but there was this puppy who ran up to me excitedly and brought me a ball. I threw it. He brought it back. I decided that he was the one that I would bring home instead. I got him home and he still wanted to play ball. In fact, he wanted to do this constantly.

I also thought that this would be a dog that wouldn’t sleep in bed with me but I’d put him into his kennel but that never went very well. I let him out and eventually he won that battle. He was always really good to sleep next to. Really warm, really still and when I was ready to get out of bed, he’d be there right with me ready to eat breakfast. (My parents kept this up with him until his last days. As he got older, he’d eat, then head right back to bed.)

This dog loved the water. He loved to swim and my parents had a pool that he’d swim in. You could throw his ball into the pool, and he’d go fetch it. He’d get out, and you’d throw it, and he’d get it. I’d regularly take him swimming when I finished mowing the grass and he loved it.

The bad thing though is that he’d chase his ball until he’d get completely exhausted. When he’d recover, he’d want more.

I got him a toothbrush but he grew to hate that thing for some reason. I would take it and say “here, let me brush your teeth” and he’d move his head out of the way. It was pretty funny.

He ate his fruits and vegetables like a weird dog.

I could bring him places with me and hold him, and he’d behave. He’d let people pet him (and then he’d try his hardest to get them to play ball with him).

I could bring him in the car with me and he’d be well-behaved. He always wanted to sleep on me while I drove. He’d sleep curled up in my lap or with his head on my shoulder. He was so happy to go anywhere. I loved to bring him everywhere with me, if I could. He was well-behaved on the leash as well.

He barely showed any anger towards me at all except when I told him I was going to bite something on him like his ears, legs, feet, or nose. Then he’d make the scariest face and sneeze a billion times. He never bit me though.

I could say “Who is it?” and he’d start barking. Or I would say “bark bark” and he’d start barking. Or “tell me” and he’d bark. He was quite vocal about what he wanted, even when it was mostly for someone to get his ball. We had to keep it out of reach or he would completely exhaust himself or get it caught under something and injure himself.

For most of my early adult life, this dog was one of my best friends (and I’d tell him that, because you know, he should know). When I was about to move to Australia, I was going to bring him with me but I couldn’t face what I’d feel like if I made him fly for 20+ hours and then be stuck in quarantine for a few months. So my parents adopted him. I knew they’d take care of him, though I would get quite upset to see him get fatter when I would come back home.

It was hard seeing him grow old. I just didn’t know whether I would see him for much longer on my last trip so I spent some time making some videos and taking pictures of the little guy.

It’s hard losing a pet and since my mom has had him most of his “adult life” I know making the decision she did wasn’t an easy one. I really feel for her and I was worried that she might think that I’d get upset for her making that decision. I loved Andy a lot but I don’t think I would want to prolong his suffering either. I am sure it took a lot of courage to do it. So, I can’t be mad or upset with her. I’ve had a dog live to be 20 years old and it wasn’t pretty. I wouldn’t wish that on another animal.

I wish pets could live forever but nothing lives forever, and over the years I am understanding that a lot more now. So rest in peace, Andy/Andrew/Mr Weens. I will miss you.

I’m still really sad. I am sadder now that I had to find a picture of him.

I’ve checked into India

Hi from India, everybody! I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. It’s amazing here. Not because of all the really good looking men, but India has a lot of nice charm to it. It’s so different than what I’m used to and it feels a bit strange being the lightest skinned person (because everyone’s looking at me and I am just really uncomfortable with that).

I think this country has a really unfair bias to it. The people are wonderful. The food is amazing. It’s just incredibly unreal that I’m even here right now because I’ve always wanted to come here. I’m only seeing part of the country this time though. I’m super curious about what it looks like a bit north too.

The climate reminds me of the rainy humid days where I’m from in Texas. It’s not too hot for me. It has a tropical feel. I like it.

Kinda bums me out that here, I can’t be as cuddly with my husband as I usually am back in Australia.

I’m going to get around to recording some audio on my phone soon so I can share things more in detail. I’ll check in soon with some photos at least.

Bye for now.

TIP #8: Away on Leave

Note: This is the last episode I can post for about a month. I will be back in mid-August with another episode.

This was supposed to be a short episode letting you know that I won’t be releasing podcast episodes for about a month (but will probably be recording bits and pieces as a proper journal thing). I also talk about my lack of plans, conversations with the mother-in-law, being mean to myself, and again, anxiousness. (I’m an anxious person, damn it!)

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TIP #7: Brave New World

I talk about married life, a little about my sex life, and going overseas… still anxious.

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Slight Podcast Episode Delay (Updated)

I’m feeling a bit crabby lately with my lack of alone time.

EDIT: I did manage to finish recording #7: Brave New World today and updated the feed.

As you might have guessed, it’s been a really busy week for me and I haven’t been able to record new podcast episodes like I expected. That’s a bit sad because I have a lot to say right now, but I haven’t had much private time to record. I’m really self-conscious about stuff like that for some reason.

Also, I don’t believe that I will be able to post any new episodes while I am overseas either. I might be wrong, but I thought I could walk around and record every so often, then once I get back, stitch them all together. I know I’ll have a lot to say, being thrown into a totally different place and culture.

I kinda just don’t want people to think I’m already heading down the road to Abandonville yet. I’m still interested and still want to record stuff. It’s just a little hard when you aren’t getting much alone time or can’t seem to fit everything into the day.

You can always check what’s coming up as far as podcast episodes go on the guide. As I’ve said, I’m not planning to upload any new podcast episodes until I get back. And when I do get back, I’m going to be in packing mode since I need to move soon. Hopefully I can balance this all out!

That’s the short little update for now. I’m still around and I have a lot to say! I’ll be back with a new episode as soon as I can record.

(EDIT: I managed to get #7 posted. You can see it here.)

It Has Been Done

shiny happy people holding hands

I didn’t really expect to be back so quickly, but here I am. I’m going to talk more in detail about the wedding day, but I will say that it went pretty well. It was cold, wet, and windy most of the day, but as I’ve said before, I always wanted a winter wedding, but I’ll be honest with you, I’m a bit over winter now. I guess that’s a good thing now that it’s a matter of days before I head off to my temporary summer in India.

Besides the really awful windy weather, things went okay. I stumbled over my vows. I could feel myself turning as red as a beet. I just don’t handle these situations very well, but I’m still alive. I’m happy to finally have the marriage done and behind us now. Who knows what exciting adventures are ahead! (Some not-so-great ones are coming up…)

All in all, I am fine. Nothing feels really that different right now. It did hit me a little when I dug out the marriage certificate and took pictures of it for my mom.

I’ll talk about all this stuff a little later though but it just happened yesterday. I wanted to give myself a few days of this because I’m noticing some things a little more now. It’s nothing negative. They’re just observations.

Anyway, poor guy is stuck with me now. I wonder if he really understands what he’s gotten himself into.

OH! And I finally got a slow cooker. I’ve been eyeballing one for a long time. That was my wedding present to myself.

TIP #6: The Next Steps

I talk even more about my marriage a week from when this episode was recorded (note: the actual date it’s happening is 7/7), my podcasting commitments while I am in India, why I have to move across the state after I come back to Australia, and my awful GI tract. (I’m still trying to process a lot of different things. Recording this will help me refocus my mind on things.)

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