TIP #10: Country Living

I talk about the many speed bumps of moving to and living in rural Australia and how frustrated I am with the internet services (which is why my podcast episodes are so out of whack right now).

Please donate to Kerala’s flooding relief efforts.

Life on the Outside

Hello there! I am back from moving across the state to the middle of nowhere and I finally have the internet back after a few little problems. The next two podcast episodes will be full of a lot of complaining about what’s happening. Of course, the complaining is going to continue because I’m not really feeling that great here.

I mean, it does have it’s okay moments, but I guess the tensions around here are really high. I’ve gotten my first migraine already. I can barely breathe the air out here. I’ve slipped and feel. My blood pressure is really high–I can feel it.


Tonight is just a sleep because I want to sleep night.

Getting unlimited access to the outside world has helped me calm a bit down.

It’s funny that the further away I get from a big city, the more stress I feel. That’s all from me. New episode coming for the next few Fridays.

Anyway, I’m a bit more back. Talk to you guys a bit later.

Next Episode is Delayed Again

This is just a little message to tell you that the next episode of TIP is again delayed until next Friday because I still don’t have the internet at home.

It was supposed to be connected a few days before I moved in but guess what? It wasn’t.

It wasn’t connected correctly so there’s a technician or installer or whatever coming next week. Maybe I will have it next Friday. Maybe not.

I’ve already gone over my mobile data limit so now we just have to wait.

Thanks, TPG. Thanks, NBNco. You’re the best.

I Don’t Want to Talk About It Right Now

Got your attention? Was it because you felt sorry for me? Yes?

I thought I’d break apart some of the whining about my moving over 4 hours away and again bless you with something that’s been happening on my Facebook wall. This is one of my most favourite things in the world:

If you don’t want to talk about it, doesn’t that mean that you shouldn’t post it on social media?

What I think about when someone posts something like this is that they just want some attention or something. Apparently, this person is still not wanting to talk about it. They did, however, post something about not knowing what they can possibly do to lose weight and they’ve been a bit big since junior high school. A few times, I told this person how I managed to keep a bit trim, and basically said small changes in diet could really add up over time and keep good habits. But this person “can’t”. For some reason, exercise is just too much to ask. You know, no time, son is in football, no one else in the house wants to drink water instead of Coke. The list goes on and on.

A few years ago, I decided that a lot of the people on social media don’t need to know everything about me. They don’t need to know what I ate for all three meals because I sit there and read people’s stuff and I’m like who the hell would care about that? Not me. If I don’t care about the little mundane things I do, why should anybody else? It kind of makes me think about the stuff I talk about on my podcast.

I end up complaining a lot about social media, Facebook in particular. I don’t link it here because I basically have it to let my family and friends back at home know what’s happening on this huge island. Election times are a bit difficult for me because it’s hard not to become this political monster. I think everybody knows that I don’t like who’s leading the USA right now. I could probably say the same thing about Australia, but at least the people in control aren’t monsters who think they can do no wrong and blame everybody else when things don’t go their way.

Anyway, I am doing fine and as you’ve seen, I will talk about it right now because I think sometimes talking helps. I hope whatever is bothering this person gets worked out one way or another because this is kind of what my blog is about–therapy. Cheap therapy. It does help sometimes.

It Will All Be Okay (I Hope)

As you could see, I’m in the middle of moving things around so I haven’t had much time to post here. We’re just waiting for our utilities to get connected before we move, so I’m staying mostly with my partner’s family. I thought that it would be good to get as much of the family living thing as I can get before I move. A lot of you know that I have been struggling to come to terms with the fact that I need to move and with only a few days left in the Melbourne area, I’m starting to really feel it.

I used to complain a lot about the place where I’m living because, really, it’s not in Melbourne. It’s about an hour and a half away from Melbourne and, to me, it’s a little isolated. It’s not too terribly bad but I had lived in Melbourne and it’s suburbs mostly while I’ve been here. I still want to go back and live there, but I think of it this way: I can either be forced to work my ass off to pay for a place to live, or I can live a little further away and have a little extra money to feed my addition to mints and electronics. I haven’t been able to save much while I’ve been away from Melbourne though because I’ve been doing training stuff (which I am not being paid for, may I add). Since I found out where we’re moving to, I started thinking maybe the current city I am living in isn’t really that bad, you know?

I think that living in a rural area will help me save money and appreciate the city more when I get to go there. I will be living walking distance from the place I’ll be working (and my partner will be working at the same place doing a different job). Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the place we’ll be living is a bit slow and boring. I can’t just jump on a train and go to Melbourne anymore. Melbourne is where all my friends live and I’m not really sure that I will be able to find other people like me (cough cough gay) to relate with where I am moving to.

I only have a few more days until I move away and I don’t think I have all the time to do the things I want to do before I move over 4 hours away. I guess I’ll be fine though, since this is supposed to be a temporary move anyway. I keep trying to tell myself that, but the move where I am currently living, or the place I’m moving from, was supposed to be temporary too and I spent a lot longer there than I expected.

I am a little anxious and scared to go away, but this is stuff we already know. I just need to look at the positives though. I will be saving money from being so bored all the time and work being so close. The rent is cheaper. I won’t be alone. I think I’ll be fine.

Stuff Moving Day

It has begun. Today is the day we have moved all our stuff out of our place. A big truck is bringing all our stuff about 300 km away to the new place as I type this. Through movers were quite nice, friendly, and professional at least.

I’m sitting here in an empty place and it’s just a little sad.

So empty. It’s always a bit depressing when you have to move. It’s extremely depressing when you have no furniture or computers. I know. First world problems.

I might be limited at what I can do until I move next week.

TIP #9: Thank U India

After a slight delay, I am back from my podcasting silence. In this episode, I talk briefly about my trip to Kerala, India.

Donations to Help Kerala Recover From Flooding

At the end of the episode, I talk about how the flooding is affecting Kerala and ask you to donate towards the reconstruction of the state following the floods. If you donate, please let me know by contacting me.

Random Video and Photos

New Episodes Are Coming (Eventually)

Hi, anybody who reads this.

close up photography of wristwatch
Photo by Mat Brown on Pexels.com

In case you’ve missed my last few podcast episodes, you would know that once I left India, I had to come back home and start packing so I can move. I’m having really crazy feelings about moving far away from Melbourne, so my mind hasn’t been in a really focused environment for writing or recording new podcast episodes. (They are coming.)

So, I haven’t done much of anything. I haven’t even really documented my trip in India like I had hoped to do. My mind was pretty much occupied with moving to a place that, at the time, I had never been to.

As I type this, I have been to the place I’m moving to and it’s really quiet. It’s too quiet. It worries me a little bit, but at least it will be good for me to focus on my main career. Also, there’s a week-long gap where I won’t have electricity so I’ll be hanging around in Melbourne a bit. (Something that I hate about this country. Somehow it takes them 2-3 weeks to come and flip a switch, but we just got approved for the place the other day too.) There’s no telling when the internet is going to be connected either.

I’m also going to be computer-less starting Wednesday because my MacBook Pro decided to bite the dust while I was in India. (Hard drive went out. Hard drives and I don’t get along very well.)

Yeah, things haven’t been too pleasant around here.

So, I’m delaying some of my planned podcast episodes a week or two. I’m still planning to do them. I’m still a bit amped to do it, so that’s good. It’s just hard finding the time because I need to have privacy to do these things since my partner isn’t at work and calls me every 5 minutes to do things.

UPDATED: Recorded and posted a new episode. Enjoy!

If you want a glimpse of what’s coming up, check the episode guide.

Further Updating

Sorry I haven’t been in touch much while I’ve been gone. You know how it is. I just thought I’d drop a note to let you know that I am doing fine and my vacation is coming to a close soon. I know I’ve said I’ll be gone longer than that, but once I get back home, it’s full-steam ahead to packing the house and moving away. We have a lot to do in the upcoming few weeks. I’m a bit sad thinking about moving and I’m still a bit sad about my dog.

Since I plan on talking about my trip to India in my next podcast episode, I thought that I’d share some feelings here.

I’ve done some searching on Google about where I’m moving to. Let me tell you, there isn’t shit to do. There are no gyms, no pools, no KFC, no nothing. It’s very isolated. I am assuming that I am going to be going to other places a lot. One of my biggest issues is getting my partner to get off his feet and onto hiking paths and stuff. That’s what I like to do but getting him to go for the past three years has been impossible. I wanted to spend some of my time here in India doing that, but no such luck. Maybe next time?

I’m wondering, besides work, how am I going to fill my time? What am I going to do? Where am I going to go? Who am I going to socialise with? How am I going to stop myself from getting any fatter? I should have some answers within the next month. I hope I do, at least.

I haven’t really told people in Melbourne that I am moving even further away. I’ve told some people, but not everybody.

I think mostly that’s what I’m feeling not sadness, but a bit dread. I probably need some positivity (from myself) about moving. We’ll see!

OK, I will go now, and as always, I hope that every single one of you are doing well!

RIP, Andy

I haven’t really said anything for a while but rest assured, I have not accomplished anything much in the last few days. There hasn’t been anything recorded or anything like that. In case you weren’t able to read my Twitter feed, I’ve had a rough week. My MacBook Pro decided that it was going to bite the bullet and stop working. (I think the hard drive finally failed after a really rough run. The thing’s been giving me trouble since I got it.) And secondly, my dachshund in Texas had to be put to sleep over his irreversible health issues. He was suffering a lot by that time, and the last time I saw him, the poor little guy seemed like he was having a lot of issues. I’m just really sad right now about it and it’s put me in a bit of a funk over the week so much that my husband and his family have been asking what’s wrong. I finally told them.

I got a playful dachshund puppy Andy (who I named Andrew–I totally believe in giving dogs people names) in 2003 in the spring. (His birthday on his certificate was 14 March.)

I loved my little puppy so much, really. I went to the farm (it was a real farm, not a puppy farm) to pick up a puppy. I had already picked one of them out but there was this puppy who ran up to me excitedly and brought me a ball. I threw it. He brought it back. I decided that he was the one that I would bring home instead. I got him home and he still wanted to play ball. In fact, he wanted to do this constantly.

I also thought that this would be a dog that wouldn’t sleep in bed with me but I’d put him into his kennel but that never went very well. I let him out and eventually he won that battle. He was always really good to sleep next to. Really warm, really still and when I was ready to get out of bed, he’d be there right with me ready to eat breakfast. (My parents kept this up with him until his last days. As he got older, he’d eat, then head right back to bed.)

This dog loved the water. He loved to swim and my parents had a pool that he’d swim in. You could throw his ball into the pool, and he’d go fetch it. He’d get out, and you’d throw it, and he’d get it. I’d regularly take him swimming when I finished mowing the grass and he loved it.

The bad thing though is that he’d chase his ball until he’d get completely exhausted. When he’d recover, he’d want more.

I got him a toothbrush but he grew to hate that thing for some reason. I would take it and say “here, let me brush your teeth” and he’d move his head out of the way. It was pretty funny.

He ate his fruits and vegetables like a weird dog.

I could bring him places with me and hold him, and he’d behave. He’d let people pet him (and then he’d try his hardest to get them to play ball with him).

I could bring him in the car with me and he’d be well-behaved. He always wanted to sleep on me while I drove. He’d sleep curled up in my lap or with his head on my shoulder. He was so happy to go anywhere. I loved to bring him everywhere with me, if I could. He was well-behaved on the leash as well.

He barely showed any anger towards me at all except when I told him I was going to bite something on him like his ears, legs, feet, or nose. Then he’d make the scariest face and sneeze a billion times. He never bit me though.

I could say “Who is it?” and he’d start barking. Or I would say “bark bark” and he’d start barking. Or “tell me” and he’d bark. He was quite vocal about what he wanted, even when it was mostly for someone to get his ball. We had to keep it out of reach or he would completely exhaust himself or get it caught under something and injure himself.

For most of my early adult life, this dog was one of my best friends (and I’d tell him that, because you know, he should know). When I was about to move to Australia, I was going to bring him with me but I couldn’t face what I’d feel like if I made him fly for 20+ hours and then be stuck in quarantine for a few months. So my parents adopted him. I knew they’d take care of him, though I would get quite upset to see him get fatter when I would come back home.

It was hard seeing him grow old. I just didn’t know whether I would see him for much longer on my last trip so I spent some time making some videos and taking pictures of the little guy.

It’s hard losing a pet and since my mom has had him most of his “adult life” I know making the decision she did wasn’t an easy one. I really feel for her and I was worried that she might think that I’d get upset for her making that decision. I loved Andy a lot but I don’t think I would want to prolong his suffering either. I am sure it took a lot of courage to do it. So, I can’t be mad or upset with her. I’ve had a dog live to be 20 years old and it wasn’t pretty. I wouldn’t wish that on another animal.

I wish pets could live forever but nothing lives forever, and over the years I am understanding that a lot more now. So rest in peace, Andy/Andrew/Mr Weens. I will miss you.

I’m still really sad. I am sadder now that I had to find a picture of him.