The List of Useless Crap

Have you ever wanted to know what makes me tick? Well, here’s one of those long-ass questionnaire things for you to learn a little more about me. 🙂

You can always ask me real questions here.

1: How tall or short do you wish you were?
I wish I was shorter and more muscular. 🙂

2: What’s your dream pet? (Real or not)
A chicken.

3: Do you have a favorite clothing style?
I don’t. 🙂

4: What was your favorite video game growing up?
Zelda. And Metroid.

5: What three things/people do you think of most each day:
a. Food
b. Exercise (which I don’t do)
c. The general public

6: If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
Unstable contents.

7: What is your opinion on [insert person/thing here]?
All the millions of genders people think exist? It’s total bullshit. And stupid.

8: What is your Greek personality type?
Phlegmatic – relaxed and quiet. Shy. Observant.

9: Are you ticklish?
Not really.

10: Are you allergic to anything?
Dust. Mildew. Mold. Cats. Grass. Pollen. Basically air.

11: What’s your sexuality?
I’m incredibly gay. Mostly.

12: Do you prefer tea, coffee, or cocoa?
Hot chocolate. I go on binges.

13: Are you a cat or dog person?

14: Would you rather be a vampire, elf, or merperson?
Vampire, though being allergic to sunlight would suck.

15: Do you have a favorite Youtuber?
Not really.

16: How tall are you?
I’m 6 feet tall, or 1.83m.

17: If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
I like my name. I used to hate it.

18: How much do you weigh?
Around 80 kg. That’s 176 pounds.

19: Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?

20: Do you like space or the ocean more?
Ocean? Because that’s the only one I can go to?

21: Are you religious?
No. I am agnostic. I’m not an asshole about it, usually.

22: Pet peeves?

23: Would you rather be nocturnal or diurnal?
Dinural. Having to work at night and sleeping during the day sucks.

24: Favorite constellation?
The Big Dipper. I can’t see it from here though.

25: Favorite star?
I don’t know!

26: Do you like ball-jointed dolls?
That’s some creepy ass shit. No.

27: Any phobias or fears?
Worms. Caterpillars. Maggots. Slugs… you get it.

28: Do you think global warming is real?

29: Do you believe in reincarnation?

30: Favorite movie?
Do I have one? It’s hard to get me to sit down and watch one.

31: Do you get scared easily?

32: How many pets have you own in your lifetime?
Maybe 5?

33: Blog rate?
Of mine, a 3/10. It’s not that great. And that’s okay.

34: What is a color that calms you?

35: Where would you like to travel and/or live?

36: Where were you born?

37: What is your eye color?
A mix between green and brown.

38: Introvert or extrovert?

39: Do you believe in horoscopes and zodiacs?

40: Hugs or kisses?
A little of each.

41: Who is someone you would like to see/visit right now?

42: Who is someone you love deeply?

43: Any piercings you want?
Not interested anymore.

44: Do you like tattoos and piercings?
I do.

45: Do you smoke or have you ever done so?
Smoking kills.

46: Talk about your crush, if you have one!
J is the guy. You hear enough about him.

47: What is a sound you really hate?

48: A sound you really love?
Dachshund barking.

49: Can you do a backflip?

50: Can you do the splits?

51: Favorite actor and/or actress?
Not a movie kind of guy.

52: Favorite movie?
Same as #30. (None.)

53: How are you feeling right now?

54: What color would you like your hair to be right now?

55: When did you feel happiest?
When I lived in New York. 🙂 [Blog post about why]

56: Something that calms you down?

57: Have any mental disorders?
Blogs aren’t good places to post your medical history.

58: What does your URL mean?

59: What three words describe you the most?
Friendly, nice, and helpful!

60: Do you believe in evolution?

61: What makes you unfollow a blog?
Lack of updates.

62: What makes you follow a blog?
Writing about shit I care about and recent updates.

63: Favorite kind of person:

64: Favorite animal(s):

65: Name three of your favorite blogs.
Errr… look on the list on the left side. Pick 3.

66: Favorite emoticon:

67: Favorite meme:
Too many. Too lazy to get it.

68: What is your MBTI personality type?
Introverted – Sensing – Thinking – Judging (ISTJ).

69: What is your star sign?

70: Can your dog roll over on command, if you have a dog?
I didn’t teach him that but he’s a smart cookie.

71: What outfit out of all your clothes do you like to wear the most?
Haha… me? Outfit? I pick whatever is closest to me.

72: Post a selfie or two?
Selfies are for the week.

73: Do you have platform shoes?
Um, no.

74: What is one random but interesting fact about yourself?
I’m both-handed.

75: Can you do a front flip?

76: Do you like birds?
Yes. Pico happens to be one.

77: Do you like to swim?
I do, but I’m not good at it.

78: Is swimming or ice skating more fun to you?

79: Something you wish didn’t exist:
Dumb people with kids.

80: Some thing you wish did exist:
A test people have to take to be able to use the computer.

81: Piercings you have?
None anymore. My ears and nipples were done though.

82: Something you really enjoy doing:
83: Favorite person to talk to:
Myself. 🙂

84: What was your first impression of Tumblr?
Bunch of attention whores.

85: How many followers do you have?
Probably 0.

86: Can you run a mile within ten minutes?

87: Do your socks always match?
99% of the time.

88: Can you touch your toes and keep your legs straight completely?

89: What are your birthstones?
Turquoise, topaz, tanzanite, zircon. Mostly blue stuff.

90: If you were an animal, which one would you be?
A chicken the size of a house.

91: If a flower could aesthetically represent you, what kind would it be?

92: A store you hate?
Clothing stores.

93: How many cups of coffee can you drink in one day?
0-2. Any more than that would send me to the toilet.

94: Would you rather be able to fly or read minds?

95: Do you like to wear camo?
Lolz. No. That’s so redneck.

96: Winter or summer?

97: How long can you hold your breath for?
Less than 1 minute.

98: Least favorite person?
Too many to name.

99: Someone you look up to:
Good medical professionals.

100: A store you love?
I hate shopping. I’m the kind of person who knows what they want, goes to get it, then leaves.

101: Favorite type of shoes
I don’t have one.

102: Where do you live?
SE Australia.

103: Are you a vegetarian or vegan? If so, why?
Neither but can and have been vegetarian. I grew up in a place with a really big meat dependence.

104: What is your favorite mineral or gem?
See the blue gems on #89? That’s probably one of them.

105: Do you drink milk?
If I have to, yes.

106: Do you like bugs?
I don’t necessarily “like” them. I just deal with them.

107: Do you like spiders?

108: Something you get paranoid about?
All of life’s what-ifs.

109: Can you draw?
Not that good anymore.

110: Nosiest question you have ever been asked?
When you’re gay and whether you’re single or not, you get asked some really disgusting things. I’ll leave it at that.

111: A question you hate being asked?
Why am I with an Indian and all the stereotypical questions.

112: Ever been bitten by a spider?
Yes. A lot. I’m a spider magnet in this country.

113: Do you like the sound of waves at the beach?

114: Do you prefer cloudy or sunny days?
I hate the sun.

115: Someone you’d like to kiss or cuddle right now:

116: Favorite cloud type:

117: What color do you wish the sky was?
I like the blue.

118: Do you have freckles?
Not really. Just a lot of moles.

119: Favorite thing about a person:

120: Fruits or vegetables?
Both. They’re good for your colon.

121: Something you want to do right now:
Dream. I wish I could just turn on a switch where I can dream. For the most part, I love dreaming.

122: Is the ocean or sky prettier?
It depends whether you’re in a polluted area or not. “Blue” oceans are nice though.

123: Sweet or sour foods?
Sweet overrules sour.

124: Bright or dim lights?
Dim. I’d live in darkness all the time if I could.

125: Do you believe in a certain magical creature?

126: Something you hate about Tumblr:
Attention whores. Seems really unorganized.

127: Something you love about Tumblr:
Fun to find certain topics. I feel like I can find anything.

128: What do you think about the least?
More is even better.

129: What would you want written on your tombstone?
I’m not interested in having a tombstone. Throw me in the ocean or something.

130: Who would you like to punch in the face right now?
Donald Trump and everybody who thought he’d be a good president.

131: What is something you love but also hate about yourself?
I don’t like to make people upset so end up doing a lot that to make other people happy, even if it negatively affects myself.

132: Do you smile with your teeth showing for pictures?

133: Computer or TV?
I get really terrible TV reception, so I use my computer for the main source of entertainment.

134: Do you like roller coasters?

135: Do you get motion sickness or seasickness?
I do. On my first long haul flight from the USA to Australia, I got really sick.

136: Are your ears lobed or attached?
I have ear lobes. I like ear lobes.

137: Do you believe in karma?
Oh yes.

138: On a scale of 1-10, how attractive would you say you are?
Probably 6? I am not ugly, but I’m not gorgeous either. I’m okay wiwth that. 🙂

139: What nicknames do you have/have had?
Usually just shortened versions of my name or a combination with my middle name.

140: Did you have any pretend or imaginary friends?
Oh yes.

141: Have you ever seen a therapist/shrink?
I have, yes. I’m perfectly fine to admit that too.

142: Would you say you are a good or bad influence to others?
Good – 85% of the time, bad 15% of the time.

143: Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts/help?
I feel like I tend to take more than I give.

144: What makes you angry
When people are treated differently because of how they look, what they believe in.

145: How many languages do you speak fluently?
English and Spanish (less than fluent now)

146: Do you prefer boys, girls, and/or non-binaries?
Haha, non-binaries. I’m pretty gay, so I like guys. (Not boys.)

147: Are you androgynous?
I am not.

148: Favorite physical thing about yourself:
I like my nose. I also like my calves after working out for a while.

149: Favorite thing about your personality:
I like how I am thoughtful. 🙂

150: Name three people you would like to talk to right now in person.
I would love to see my partner here right now. My mom and my best friend.

151: If you could go back into time and live in one era, which would you choose?
To me, the 90s were pretty fun but they could have been a lot more productive.

152: Do you like BuzzFeed?

153: How did you meet your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner?
I met him through OKCupid. The first time we met, we met at a train station then went to Hungry Jack’s (the Australian equivalent of Burger King).

154: Do you like to kiss others’ foreheads or hands for platonic reasons?
Not really.

155: Do you like to play with others’ hair?
Not really.

156: What embarrasses you?
My overpowering nervousness.

157: Something that makes you nervous/anxious:
Pretty much everything. Like someone just came to the door wanting to tell me about God (which I told him that I’m happy being nonreligious and he left). I’m still shaky because someone knocked on my door!

158: Biggest lie you have ever told:
I fake a lot of sicknesses but to get an extension on a project, I said that someone I know died.

159: How many people are you following?
I don’t know the number, but it’s very low. I don’t want to overfill my feed.

160: How many posts do you have on your blog(s)?
Around 70?

161: How many drafts do you have on your blog(s)?
About 30?

162: How many likes do you have on your blog(s)?

163: Last time you cried and why:
I was on the train and listening to music. It wasn’t much though. I think sometimes it’s good to invoke those feelings on purpose.

164: Do you have long or short hair?
I have very, very, very short hair. Bald if I can pull it off.

165: Longest your hair has ever been:
When I was younger, I used to grow it out. My parents never really took me to get a hair cut though. It was always my grandparents.

166: Why do you like, dislike, or have neutral feelings about religion?
As I told the guy a few minutes ago, I am neutral about religion. I’m not mean about it (usually… I can be).

167: Do you really care how the universe and world was created?
I just know it’s here.

168: Do you like to wear makeup?

169: Can you stand on your hands or head for more than thirty seconds?I haven’t tried lately.

170: Did you answer the questions you were asked truthfully?
Sure I did.

That’s it. You can ask me questions here, if you’d like!

Why So Angry?

Lately, I’ve been watching videos of people being angry in public. Yeah, I know, exciting stuff, right?

What I don’t understand is why people get so upset over certain things. I think that being anger is too energy-intensive and a lot of the time, it’s not worth it. But then again, I am really big into conflict avoidance. It’s one of those things about me that can be good or bad, depending how you look at it.

For example, I am one of those people who will go to a restaurant and order something and if it’s not what I ordered, I’d probably eat it anyway (unless it’s seafood). I know sometimes people here don’t “get” my accent sometimes. I really need to work on my Aussie accent or lose a little more of my Texan accent.

I’m also one of those people who won’t say anything if I go to a store and buy something, then discover that I didn’t get the sale price and not say anything about it if it’s only a few dollars.

I’m one of those people who will put up with annoying public behavior from other people (unless someone is being a dick, racist, or something similar). I just like to remove myself from the annoying behavior if I can.

Watching some of these videos, I can’t see why people get so angry over the smallest things. Why would someone waste their time being loud, noisy, and irritating over the fact that an iced coffee costs $1 more than a hot coffee? Why would someone be so pissed off with their day that they feel like they have to be mean to everybody else? (Okay, I’m guilty of this one sometimes. It’s usually because I didn’t sleep well.) Why are some people so miserable that they have to complain about the most insignificant things?

I can see how speaking up sometimes is a good thing and I probably should do it more often, but I don’t see a point if it’s going to cause a lot of arguments. Right?

It’s so funny because I start writing these things and midway through them, I start understanding things from both sides, you know, speaking up and being quiet. I just don’t think that anger is the best way to handle things most of the time.

And those videos? They’re everywhere. Just Google “angry crazy people”.  Or here, watch these:

Gum in the Urinals? Seriously?

It does. Really.

You’d think that I have some kind of sick fixation on stuff in restrooms and bathrooms, and I guess, in a way, I do because I really don’t like going into them unless I have to.

In the closest men’s restroom at the place where I spend my weekdays (aka work and study), it seems like the men like to spit their gum into the urinals. There are three of them and today, one was blocked and almost running over with piss (because for some reason, that doesn’t stop a guy from pissing somewhere and everywhere.) So, that wasn’t very fun for someone who hates walking in there. There were about 10 pieces of gum floating around in it, and the other two urinals had about 5 pieces of gum in each.

I don’t really understand why guys feel like they have to spit their gum in there. What happened to putting it on some paper and throwing it in the rubbish bin?

“Chewing gum is gross; chewing gum I hate the most.” Looking at this makes me want to puke.

In case you’re wondering, the thought of gum makes me sick too. Chewing it so that it just gathers spit and all the gunk from your teeth. I don’t like it and never have. I was a chronic gum swallower when I was a kid, and I still am to a much lesser extent. That might explain why my gut is so messed up now, now that I think about it.

Men’s restrooms are just gross. No one can aim–most of the piss is on the floor or wall. No one can flush the toilets after taking a dump. No one can find a better place for their chewed up gum. If you’re a woman and ever wanted to just see what it’s like, don’t. It smells disgusting. That’s because it IS disgusting. Men are disgusting creatures with terrible aim.

That picture of the gum is disgusting. I can’t even look at it.

What’s That Smell?

Isn’t it amazing how certain smells can trigger certain memories?

Raisin Toast

When I pass by loaves of raisin bread, it takes me back to when I first moved to Melbourne. My ex knew how much I liked raisin bread, so my house constantly smelled like raisin bread. I think those were some of the happier times.

Wedding Day Candle

As strange as it sounds, there’s a candle that reminds me of my mom. I’m not sure if it’s the perfume she’d wear in the mornings, but it reminds me of her. I actually took the candle that I got from here and brought it over there. I’ve always been a momma’s boy and one of my biggest fears is something is going to happen to her while I am over here. It’s very unnerving. Originally, I thought the candle was something called “clean cotton” and was about to say that it’s probably because she always washed my clothes. But what’s funny is that she still does it when I go visit her. I miss my mom a lot.

My Grandfather’s Cologne

What’s a little more sad is that I have the cologne that I sprayed on my grandfather at the hospital before he passed away. It’s called Xeryus Rouge and every so often, I just smell it from the bottle. It kinda kicks my memories awake a bit. As odd as it sounds, it’s not the memory of him being in the hospital, but just him in general. It reminds me of what a hard worker he was and how he was always helping people. He was just a generally good guy.

Melon and Cucumbers

Then there is the smell of melon or cucumber that instantly triggers a gag reflex because of how much Midori I used to drink straight out of the bottle. In fact, a lot of alcohol makes me feel that way because I am a lightweight. Ask anybody who’s been unfortunate enough to witness my drunken antics!


My mom learned that making muffins for me in the mornings made my day at least 78% better. In the mornings, even when I go to Texas for a visit, she makes me apple muffins. What was nice is that she would make them for me in the morning before she left for work. Her mornings were always so busy, but she’d make time to cook me some of my most favorite breakfast foods. The smell of muffins reminds me of my mom and how the little things she did really made me happy.


Vanilla makes me think back when I first moved out of my parents’ house because every single thing I had was vanilla. Vanilla shampoo, conditioner, room deodorizers, carpet cleaning dust, all of it was vanilla. I don’t know whether that time of my life was the best, but it was pretty fun at times. The smell of vanilla now makes me miss my best friend in Texas.


Smoked meats reminds me of my dad. My dad really loved grilling and looking back, I really wish that I paid more attention to him when he was trying to make me a little more masculine. His BBQ was always really good and I have to admit that I really miss his cooking at times. No one has been able to replicate that.  I always loved when he would tell me to get the stuff to make smoked chicken. Mmm.

I’m realizing that it’s making me a little sad to even talk about some of these things, so I’ll go for now.

And here we all thought that I was going to type something gross, right? 😉

Fool me once, shame on me

I don’t do April Fool’s Day so you’re safe. 

I slept most of the day. 

I’m just not feeling right. 

I’ll be back soon. 

Early to Rise and Early To Bed

“Early to rise and early to bed makes a man healthy, but socially dead.” — Moral #5, Animaniacs

For some reason, it seems like I do so much better when I wake up early in the mornings. That has the unfortunate side effect of not being able to sleep late when I can. My parents were always going to sleep early and waking up very, very early. I actually used that to my advantage during the summer months when I didn’t have to go to school. I’d be awake by the time my mom woke up, and once I heard her car leave, I’d get up and watch cartoons or play games. To me, it always felt like I was getting a lot more out of my summer vacation that way. It had that slight side effect of wanting to go to bed early though, but that was fine. I learned pretty early that if you are noisy at night, my dad would wake me up even EARLIER and force me to stay up. That’s when I hated it.

I think I just hate/hated having someone else wake me up!

These days, J and I have really weird sleeping schedules. I try to go to sleep around 10:00 to 10:30 but since he doesn’t go to sleep sometimes until around 2:00 am, I end up going to sleep, but not getting enough rest, if that makes sense. Then all I hear is clicking of the keyboard on his phone, and I see the light from it and it takes all my willpower not to say “You do know that I have to wake up in 2 hours, right?” He’s always been that way. He likes sleeping late and waking up late. I like going to sleep earlier and waking up early. Even on my days off, I wake up a bit early. Not 4:00 am early, but about 2 or 3 hours later.

I don’t even attempt to wake him up before 10:00 am anymore. As for me, if I sleep after 10:00 am, I feel like I’ve wasted the entire day. Probably psychological, but hey, it’s kinda stuck with me over the years. I use it as an excuse to be lazy!