So… When’s the Big Day?

Let’s all say hello to May! It’s been an interesting year so far, hasn’t it? From having one of the crappiest weeks so far (I’m sure worse can happen) to announcing my impending marriage next year, it certainly has been interesting.

I’ve written a few posts about my upcoming marriage BUT there are a few little misunderstandings that have to be cleared first before I publish them. I don’t want to post something that sounds like a ton of bitching and complaining, or that I am attacking my partner for not being agreeable with me. The conflict is mostly about the when. We can’t really move forward until we get this sorted, so why share all my thoughts now if I don’t know when? Right? Right.

Originally, I didn’t want to do something big, and I still don’t, really. I do want to do something special and I want to do it at my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, that favorite time of the year isn’t his favorite time of year. I would be quite disappointed if it didn’t happen then. I had to take a break from planning it to accept that I might not get my way.

Time will tell though. I don’t really want to be angry and I don’t want him to be angry, so there is some communication that needs to happen. Maybe I’ll fix those posts up once I figure out some little details. This is what happens when you are dealing with two stubborn people.

The Shittiest Week of the Year So Far

I am guessing that this week is going to be the week from Hell. I have a few more days left of it, and I am hoping it won’t get much worse. Besides getting an injection that my body totally hated, I’ve run out of contact lenses so I’m stuck wearing glasses that I’ve had for more than 10 years. Those glasses have been sat on dozens of times so that the frames are totally bent out of shape. It’s just unpleasant.

I’ve been a bit reclusive lately because there are only a few more weeks until my partner goes back to India for a few months. I’m still not ready to go and it seems like that’s what on everybody’s mind is if I’m even going. Even I don’t know yet because my vaccinations and health problems are causing me to take a lot of unpaid sick leave. I might, but not sure yet. The deadline is approaching but the good news is that I can apply for my Indian visa about a week before I leave and be okay.

That’s all for now. I’m still in pain in several areas of my body and it’s making me incredibly bitchy. I only managed to get about 2.5-3 hours of sleep last night too. It’s not a good day to be me. I also have to travel 120 km tomorrow so I can be somewhere for 1 hour. Yeah. Not fun.


I had planned to write a long post today but my body decided it would react badly to a vaccination. My back, neck, and shoulders are really sore. My joints are all hurting too. I have a headache and can barely move around. It hasn’t been fun and have been spending my off days feeling awful.

My body has never liked this particular vaccine. I seem to get every single side effect from it. It gave me problems when I was kid, and the last time that I had it. And assuming I’m going to India, I’m going to have to get even more. I feel like a pin cushion lately.

So… this is a short one. I am typing through the pain and probably shouldn’t be so I’ll go now.

Why So Angry?

Lately, I’ve been watching videos of people being angry in public. Yeah, I know, exciting stuff, right?

What I don’t understand is why people get so upset over certain things. I think that being anger is too energy-intensive and a lot of the time, it’s not worth it. But then again, I am really big into conflict avoidance. It’s one of those things about me that can be good or bad, depending how you look at it.

For example, I am one of those people who will go to a restaurant and order something and if it’s not what I ordered, I’d probably eat it anyway (unless it’s seafood). I know sometimes people here don’t “get” my accent sometimes. I really need to work on my Aussie accent or lose a little more of my Texan accent.

I’m also one of those people who won’t say anything if I go to a store and buy something, then discover that I didn’t get the sale price and not say anything about it if it’s only a few dollars.

I’m one of those people who will put up with annoying public behavior from other people (unless someone is being a dick, racist, or something similar). I just like to remove myself from the annoying behavior if I can.

Watching some of these videos, I can’t see why people get so angry over the smallest things. Why would someone waste their time being loud, noisy, and irritating over the fact that an iced coffee costs $1 more than a hot coffee? Why would someone be so pissed off with their day that they feel like they have to be mean to everybody else? (Okay, I’m guilty of this one sometimes. It’s usually because I didn’t sleep well.) Why are some people so miserable that they have to complain about the most insignificant things?

I can see how speaking up sometimes is a good thing and I probably should do it more often, but I don’t see a point if it’s going to cause a lot of arguments. Right?

It’s so funny because I start writing these things and midway through them, I start understanding things from both sides, you know, speaking up and being quiet. I just don’t think that anger is the best way to handle things most of the time.

And those videos? They’re everywhere. Just Google “angry crazy people”.  Or here, watch these:

Impending Absence

Over the weekend, I was told the time frame that my partner is going to be gone. He still has a few more weeks left in Australia though, so I am going to try to make the best of it. I know it’s temporary and there is a chance that I’ll be able to spend some time with him in his home country.

I’ve been spending time looking for places nearby my partner’s hometown and have to admit, the more I have a look around, the more I want to go and the more excited I am to go. It always ends with me looking at South Indian food. I am really looking forward to the food. I’m working on getting my visa to go to India.

Absence of my partner has always made the bond between us a bit more. I don’t know why. That’s why I think separation is sometimes a good thing. It gives me time to think and appreciate the other person. With my longest-lasting relationship, we were separated a lot and it only made me miss him more. Of course, we didn’t really do that good when we were in the same room! LOL 

I am already missing him though he is still here and I will probably see how much he does for me when he’s gone. After this trip, we get to start planning for our trip to the USA.

(Hopefully this made sense because I’m watching videos and typing at the same time!)


India in June?

I’ve already made the obligatory Easter post, but I guess I’ll just say “Happy Easter” again. So, Happy Easter… again.


Before I accidentally ruined the database for my weblog, I had talked a little bit about going to India sometime this year and didn’t think I would be able to go. I’m going to do my very best to go in a few months for about a week and a half. I wanted to go and stay for a bit longer than that, but I can see that it’s really important for my partner if I go, plus he’s having some surgery done while he’s there and I don’t want him to be “alone” for it.

I thought that it’s only fair since I am dragging him to Texas next year, but this is the big trip. I’m not moving back to the USA then, but it’s when I am planning our marriage (assuming that it’s still legal, because you know the people who make the laws are scared of change and I’m ruining so many marriages between two opposite sex people).

I keep thinking about how I want it to go. I know that we’re both simple we don’t want something too extravagant when it comes to the ceremony. We talked about having a big party afterwards. I kind of want to incorporate some of his culture into it since we’ll be in Texas and I’ll be exposing him to a nauseatingly amount of my culture to him while we’re there. I see pictures of the big weddings between two men (and one is Indian) and I kind of want that, but then again, I’m not much on being the centre of attention for anything (unless I’m drunk and I’m not going to be drunk for my wedding).

Before I know it, it’ll be here but I thought maybe I should go to India before I head home and do this big thing. I still have to meet his dad who I’m not really sure is too excited that his son is marrying me. I haven’t really had much interaction with him, it’s mostly been his mother who is a really, really sweet woman and who has shown me incredible amounts of kindness and love since I’ve been with my partner.

It’s important that I go there, if I can. There are a few things I need to do before I book the tickets. I have always wanted to go to India. I have to keep telling people that this isn’t a forced trip. I want to go and I am excited (and a little nervous/anxious) to go for the first time. I really want to go, but it’s a big question of if I can go since I have had to take a lot of sick days over the past few months. I’ll do my best because I think this is really a way for me to gain some kind of appreciation towards my partner’s culture. Plus, I want to eat a lot of food. 🙂

Kathakali performer, Thekkady, Kerala, India.

That’s what’s on my mind now. I’m wanting to go to India in June and want to start planning for a nice wedding reception. We’ll see. 🙂

Happy Easter

I’m not sure whether I am going to have a chance to post for a few days, so I wanted to say Happy Easter to you. I’m not really big on major holidays I used to do with my family in the USA.

Easter in Australia is a huge thing and we get a full 4 days for Easter. Unfortunately, that means a lot of places are closed for the whole 4 days. Grocery stores are closed today (Good Friday) and everything goes at a snail’s pace.

What’s funny is that my immediate family never did the whole hiding egg thing for my sister and me. We’d usually do that over my grandmother’s house. Easter morning was like Santa Clause Lite. That’s when I’d usually get Nintendo games and a TON of chocolate (something I can’t do anymore).

We’d hunt either plastic hollow eggs or boiled eggs. I don’t really remember anything being in the hollow eggs (mostly because I didn’t really care) but as I got older, I started stuffing them full of candy, cat food, and other gross stuff.

Here in Australia, the kids hunt chocolate eggs (like what’s in the picture). I never really saw that as a good thing. I’m not entirely sure why. I think mostly I’d be a little grossed out with all the bugs crawling all over them. Go figure…

Anyway, may your zombie Jesus day be fun and exciting! I need to get dressed and head to the city soon. Have a great weekend.

As Much as I Want to Be Lazy…

Random photo. I have no idea why.

This is one of those mornings that it’s hard to start. I would normally be tempted to take the day off, but hooray for me, I have a doctor’s appointment (for immunization boosters and a flu shot) in a few hours which takes me a few hours to travel to, so I guess that’s what I’m going to do. It’s also right next to the place where I study, so I guess I’m going to pull myself up and go to both.

I’m lucky to be in a country where Easter is a 4 day thing (and a big deal), so I have a long weekend to look forward to and my regularly scheduled day off is tomorrow, so not a bad deal right? I mean, I might as well “get off my ass and on my feet”, as my dad used to say when he’d attempt to wake me up in the mornings.

This one is going to be shorter than usually because I’ll have to leave soon. Sorry for the last weird post. I feel a bit weird posting something like that but I guess it’s one of those things about sharing things about my personal life, right? It’s not why I’m gay, by the way. I am just who I am.

That picture animation is from this animation.

Creepy Uncle

Is it just me, or does every family have that creepy family member who, I don’t know, as a kid kinda made you sick to your stomach? Mine was my uncle on my dad’s side. He isn’t blood-related though. It was a match made in marriage.

Now, let me say first, because it’s a little important that this is an uncle who is very vocal against me being gay, living in a different country, and eventually marrying someone of the same sex. The last time I heard him talk about “the queer in the family” was at an aunt’s funeral. Yes, he said that at a funeral. I choose not to talk to him anymore, and to his wife for not speaking up about her brother’s son.

Yesterday, I was wasting time and watching YouTube videos and for some reason, a two-part episode of Diff’rent Strokes about the bicycle man and the overall grossness of pedophilia. This is kind of weird because I didn’t watch that show (I was too young) and Gary Coleman always irritated the piss out of me. Anyway, as I watched it, I noticed that the pedophile had quite a lot in common with my uncle. I’ve known for a long time that my uncle is a gross-ass fuck because of the sick shit he used to tell my sister.  He basically told her that he’d fuck her if she wasn’t his niece. Yeah… We hardly stayed over there after that.

For some unknown reason, he made it a point to have chats about sex with us. I mean, most of it was just the birds and the bees kind of stuff (as far as I can remember) but I distinctly remember him telling me that if I stick my penis anywhere besides a vagina, it’s called “queer man sex”. I also lied and said that I have done it–with a girl when I was like 14 or something like that so I wouldn’t look lame. Though I didn’t have sex with a girl (came close a lot of times, but didn’t), I didn’t do anything sexually until I was 19. He was always curious about how often I rubbed one out and junk.

What was creepy though is that this man would act creepy all the time. He might have thought I was gay, but he had no problem catching me in the pool, grabbing my swimming trunks, and throwing them outside the pool to make me get them. He would kinda just lean on the side of the pool and watch. God knows what he was doing over there and in fact, I didn’t know. He did that to me and some cousins of mine. The other cousins told their mom what a creep he was and they never went over there again overnight.

When he’d get out of the pool, he’d walk around with his dick tucked between his legs, again, not something you’d do in front of a 13 or 14 year old, especially one that you’re related to.

There were other things that he’d say or do that were pretty gross too, but I can’t remember what it was. Whatever he said (and says, I hear) is totally inappropriate and usually disgusting. I didn’t see him on my last 3 month trip to Texas, and I’m totally okay with that. I love my aunt, but I think she knows and knew what he was like but ignored it. I really feel sorry for his kids growing up because even one of them said some really fucked up things too which I won’t go into here since one of them is lawyer now.

Growing up and with my sister having kids of her own, I would never, ever, EVER want them to be put in any situation like that. You know, I didn’t want them to get to that point where they hate their uncle because of what a sick fuck he is. Kids shouldn’t be treated that way. No one, especially my sister, shouldn’t have to go through that kind of thing and in hindsight, I wished that my sister and I would have spoken up to our parents and police about it. We eventually told our parents about it much later which made them both hate my uncle even more and even to this day.

My childhood was a calm one except for this. I did like going over there before I became wiser because it was always a lot of fun being able to do whatever I wanted, but still…

I didn’t want to write about this just for attention or anything, but just looking back, there are a few things I wished I would have done to prevent the sick stuff that would happen. I can’t remember if anything more disgusting happened, but I don’t think it did. That’s not me trying to block it out, but I honestly don’t think he went that far. I think he probably could have, but he didn’t, thank God. Still, when you’re pulling swimming trunks off a boy and throwing them out, and being told to go get them, what the hell am I supposed to think???

I know I linked to the video above, but here it is embedded:

Gum in the Urinals? Seriously?

It does. Really.

You’d think that I have some kind of sick fixation on stuff in restrooms and bathrooms, and I guess, in a way, I do because I really don’t like going into them unless I have to.

In the closest men’s restroom at the place where I spend my weekdays (aka work and study), it seems like the men like to spit their gum into the urinals. There are three of them and today, one was blocked and almost running over with piss (because for some reason, that doesn’t stop a guy from pissing somewhere and everywhere.) So, that wasn’t very fun for someone who hates walking in there. There were about 10 pieces of gum floating around in it, and the other two urinals had about 5 pieces of gum in each.

I don’t really understand why guys feel like they have to spit their gum in there. What happened to putting it on some paper and throwing it in the rubbish bin?

“Chewing gum is gross; chewing gum I hate the most.” Looking at this makes me want to puke.

In case you’re wondering, the thought of gum makes me sick too. Chewing it so that it just gathers spit and all the gunk from your teeth. I don’t like it and never have. I was a chronic gum swallower when I was a kid, and I still am to a much lesser extent. That might explain why my gut is so messed up now, now that I think about it.

Men’s restrooms are just gross. No one can aim–most of the piss is on the floor or wall. No one can flush the toilets after taking a dump. No one can find a better place for their chewed up gum. If you’re a woman and ever wanted to just see what it’s like, don’t. It smells disgusting. That’s because it IS disgusting. Men are disgusting creatures with terrible aim.

That picture of the gum is disgusting. I can’t even look at it.