Hurricane Harvey

Evidence shows that hurricanes suck.

I’m still quite busy, but I said I’d post something this weekend. Right now, there’s a lot on my mind but one of the major things on my mind is the hurricane that’s about to hit Texas. In case you’ve stumbled into this web blog for the first time, that’s where I’m originally from and unfortunately, it’s not uncommon that we’d get a handful of hurricanes and tropical storms. I’ve been through a couple of bad ones and know that it isn’t fun, especially when you’re an adult. It scares me quite a lot because my family lives there and there hasn’t been a really bad storm since my dad passed away. So that means that my mom and sister are basically on their own (and my grandparents). There’s nothing worse than to be so far away and feel so helpless to do anything. That’s what’s bugging me right now.

I think this is one of the reasons why I halfway want to return to the USA. I mean, if I could move them all here, that would be awesome but I know that’s never going to happen. Not because of the problem of lack of money, but that they’re pretty much happy over there. They’re okay living in an area that has its share of bad storms and I guess they know what they’re in for or they would have probably left a long time ago. Maybe I’m just not giving them enough credit and underestimate how strong they really are.

I’m monitoring how things are going over there and I am really scared of the potential problems that may arise. I really hope that the president will do something to help them after the destruction, but I guess we’ll see what kind of “wonderful” guy these people voted for after it’s all done. I don’t have any respect for him, but if he handles this emergency situation well, then I might have a little bit for him. But I don’t know, he’ll probably just blame the people who live in Texas for living in Texas and say that it’s everybody’s fault. You know, it’s like those super ultra holy men who blame homosexual men for hurricanes? Hopefully he’s got more sense than that, but we’ll see.

OK, I went off there a little bit. I really hope that everything turns out okay for my family and friends over there. It worries me a lot and I think that’s where my brain will be over the weekend. It’s just the feeling helpless stuff. I’d tell my family just to move here where you can live on the coast and not have to worry about any storms whatsoever. I love that about living here. The worst it does here is flood, and that’s not often, and it’s not so bad.

Anyway, if you’re in the storm path or know people in the storm’s path, I sincerely hope that everything’s good. (Sorry, I’m not the praying type of guy.) My thoughts are with you. Stay safe!

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