My Stuff, Delivered. Or Not.

Let me preface this by saying that I hate having anything delivered in Australia. There’s so much I can complain and bitch about right now. Late last week, I ordered some office furniture because my iMac is sitting on something that resembles a little cart you’d put a microwave on. It has wheels. It’s quite convenient, but I am a little afraid that I’ll wheel it somewhere and BAM, it will fall to the ground. It’s not something I really want to happen.

So yes, I ordered 3 desks knowing that I would be away from home most of the next week. I thought my stuff would arrive on Friday. Well, over the weekend I got an email saying that it was being prepared for shipping, so I thought they’d get to it on Tuesday or something. Well, no, they sent it from the warehouse on Monday morning. The warehouse is really close too, so they tried delivering it on Monday. That was okay, the worst they can do is leave one of those cards that say “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?”. They tried again on Tuesday. I called them that day and said, that I wasn’t expecting it to be delivered so early and needed it delivered Friday. They said they made a note of it. Well, they tried to deliver it again on Wednesday so finally I said fuck it and came home to wait for them to drop it all off. So here I am.

During this process, I would check my orders with the company I bought it from online and discovered that my order wasn’t found in the system 90% of the time. My account said that I had no orders. I was worrying whether I’d ever see my furniture or not.

I am just pissed that these companies don’t really communicate with you. They tell you a week, and you expect a week, so you plan on leaving the area until then. I mean, if I were at home, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. It would be nice to get your stuff early. Not this time. I get to sit around again waiting for it to show up.

So maybe tomorrow I’ll be assembling desks. Or maybe not. Who the hell knows what’s happening anymore?

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