TIP Episode is Delayed

Hey everybody. I hope that you’re doing well and you’ve had a good week. Originally, I was supposed to have a new podcast episode ready for you sometime this weekend, but I’ve had a role change at work that’s been taking a lot of my spare time. When I’m not working, I’m absolutely knackered and planning what’s going to happen tomorrow. I don’t know whether it’s permanent or temporary just yet. (I like what I’m doing now, but I am just extremely busy. I start later than I used to, so I finish later too. By the time I get home, I can fall asleep.)

I’m planning to be back next week. Remember, you can always take a look at the guide to see what’s coming up. (I update it every once in a while. Topics change. Dates change. It’s what I try to use to keep myself on track.)

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