All That I Can Say: Loving You is Wonderful

you are the cheese to my macaroni
I didn’t make this. Gina Mayes did.

It looks like about three years ago, Jay and I decided that we’re going to be a couple. Honestly, I didn’t think that I would ever be in another long-term relationship ever again back then. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but because I believed that I would never have the opportunity to do so again. I guess you could connect that to my really awful self-esteem. I still don’t really understand what good things people see in me, but this guy does. He assures me that and I probably feel better about that now. It’s really good. It’s a nice feeling to know that there’s a person who has my back through my good and bad. I know, for a fact, right now, that things are far from perfect with me right now, but he’s inspiring me to do better and is incredibly supportive of the things I want to do (full-time at least, not casual).

It’s been a good few years. I do complain about him sometimes and he does get on my nerves a little bit, but he knows that if he mentions farts or something childish, he can coerce a smile out of me. He knows that I don’t like pink food. He knows that I don’t eat seafood though he comes from a place where they eat a ton of it. He knows how nervous I am around a lot of people. He knows that I’m probably not as social as I really should be. He knows that the only kind of foods I can really cook have about 6-10 ingredients before it goes bad. He knows (and exploits) that I really have a not-so-healthy relationship with KFC. He knows all these things and he still loves me as much as he possibly can. I love him too.

Yeah, I know this is really sweet and everything, but it’s been a good few years for me. I’ve had more schooling on South Indian culture in the past three years than I ever thought I would in my life. It’s been different and difficult at times, but it’s totally worth it. And in a little more than a month, we’re tying the knot. I made him wait long enough and secretly, I’m looking forward to it.

So here’s to another year (and many more years) of being with this really incredible person (who needs to get his hair cut or at least trimmed)!

OK, the title of this totally came from this… kinda.

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