The Re-Appearing Podcast

"Hey mom, look at me! I'm practicing necromancy!"
- Ben, upon resurrecting his dead podcast from years ago

OK, so there’s no black magic happening here but I thought I would let you guys and girls know that I am “resurrecting” my podcast. Instead of rack my brain about what I’m going to call it, I’m just going back to the last name it was called, “The Idiologic Podcast”.

With this fake question and answer session, I’ll lay out what it’s going to be like. It’s hard not to make comparisons between what it was and what it will be, so I’m going to try to explain it like it’s new.

What is it going to be about?

My podcast is what people would call a personal journal podcast. I basically talk about life in general, the places I go, the people I see, the things I do, and the food I eat. Everything is a potential topic.

What’s different this time?

I don’t want any of you to think that I have magically acquired better podcasting skills because I haven’t. I will, however, make a better attempt to edit out the stuff that should be edited out.

How often will new episodes come and how long will they be?

As of right now, I am going to target 1-2 times every 2 weeks. The new episodes will be around 10-20 minutes each. I don’t want them to be really long because I don’t think they hold people’s attention when they’re an hour long.

I will probably post new episodes on Thursdays so people have a chance to listen to it before the weekend. This way, you can listen to me talk before or after work if you’re bored enough!

When will it start (and when will it end)?

I’ve recorded my first introductory podcast episode explaining who I am and it’s ready to be listened to. It’s nothing too terribly exciting if you already read my blog. I want to have the first “real” podcast episode recorded and posted on the 8th since I’ll be quite busy for the next two weeks. I want to try to get a few episodes out¬†before I leave on my overseas trip and before other important life events.¬†

The first episode is available now and a new one will be available in a week.

I might post a few little episodes while I’m in India if I can. If I can’t find decent internet access, then I’ll have to wait until I am back in Australia.

Why am I even thinking about ending this thing before I start? Because, I’m not really a big fan of making something that has absolutely no audience. I’m not going to watch my downloads for my episodes like a hawk, but if I find that they’re not getting any traffic, then I’ll stick a fork in it and call it dead.

Do you want to subscribe or listen to it now?

Grab the personal lubricant and a good pair of non-latex gloves. No, just kidding about that. Seriously.

Listen to Stitcher

The Idiologic Podcast on the iTunes Store

The first “episode” is already available to listen to. It’s just an introductory podcast episode letting you know a little about me. You can skip it if you want. A new one will be available in a week.

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