Sightly Matters

I really hate my eyes right now. Unfortunately, my sight is one of those things that I would have a really hard time living without, so I deal with them. By dealing with them, I mean constantly buying contact lenses. What pisses me off more is that I can’t get “normal” contact lenses so I pay about AUD$30 per lens so it’s always really crappy when I have to go and replace a lens. It really, really pisses me off when they don’t even last two weeks, like the last one did. I kept gently reminding myself to buy new boxes, but kept putting it off – so now I have to go out in public wearing wire-framed glasses that I’ve sat on plenty of times. I’m tired of doing that, so today I’m off to renew my prescription to get updated glasses (the wire ones have been with me for a long time – since I lived [full-time] in the USA, in other words more than 10 years ago BUT my prescription hasn’t changed much then since).

I’ve noticed that my vision goes double quite easily now, so it’ll be good to fix my eyes.

Once upon a time, I ordered some glasses and paid over US$300 for them. I had a pretty young nephew at the time, and he had a habit of throwing things in the garbage. I think that’s what happened to them. I was kind of pissed, but my best friend hated them and she told me she was glad they were gone. This time, I’m going to get something that won’t bend and a bit cheaper (for now).

I’m probably getting these:

Or/and this later:

They look close to the glasses that I think were thrown away, but a bit cheaper. The ones I got were a bit more rectangular.

Anyway, so what happened is that my last pair of contacts ripped. I need a refill… pronto. I will be traveling blindly for about 2 hours today. This is gonna be fun!!!

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