Miitomo Neglect, Courtesy of Nintendo

One thing that infuriates me about Nintendo is that they seem to half-ass all their products. There’s ALWAYS something that I go “why the hell wouldn’t they include that?” or “why is it so limited?”. I’ll admit, I’ve been a Nintendo fan for a long time and honestly, they have some really fun games that I’d play every day if I could. There are still games they announce that make me excited. And sometimes there are products and games that I don’t get so excited about, like when I was a kid and the Virtual Boy came out. Tried it for 10 minutes, then found something better to do. I feel sorry for my cousin who got one. Anyway…

You could have been better, Miitomo. But thanks to Nintendo, all of you are going to die from neglect.

This complaint is about their game called Miitomo that they made for phones/tablets. It was an interesting product because it was Nintendo’s first app for phones and for a while, it was pretty neat and funny. People were playing with it and it was a fun way to know stuff about your friends that, let’s be honest here, you wouldn’t give a crap about. After a while, it just got too repetitious and stale. Why? Because Nintendo has this habit of not making anything better that they release or the updates they do release are just so boring and unnecessary. So, they just let it stagnate and die. Instead of making it better, or including things that people really want, they ignore it and just quit. They could have made it a lot better and updated it with something cooler, but they didn’t. As a result, they’re pulling the plug on Miitomo in May. I’m not surprised about it really. I also see their Animal Crossing game going in the crapper within a year or two. (Again, it’s fun but incredibly repetitious. I could play the game with my eyes closed.)

Am I going to cry over Miitomo’s demise? Nah, because I knew from the beginning that they wouldn’t do much with it. I mean, surely there are things to that are more fun than walk around a small room with a poster or two on the wall, right? (The mini-games in it were migraine-inducing too…)

I guess that will be the end of that, then, won’t it? As I said, I’m not angry or anything because today was the first time I looked at it in a long time and that was only because I saw an update that said they were throwing in the towel.

I feel like my need for the Switch is about as great as my want/need for the Wii U. I’m just not as interested anymore given the limitations Nintendo builds (or doesn’t build) into their hardware. (The Switch would have been cool to have for a while and I probably would want one more than a Wii U.) I’m not much of a handheld gamer anymore. I guess that’s something I’ve grown out of in this adult life of mine. It’s a bit sad.

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