“Is it appropriate for me to film here?”

Yes, more complaining about people on Facebook. I don’t really understand that group of people sometimes. For example, today, a guy that I very briefly dated (once or twice until I realised that I wasn’t dealing with a full deck of cards–a guy who saw one of his friends and told her that we were boyfriends on our first date) posted a live video of him in someone else’s hospital room. The patient didn’t actually look thrilled that there was someone in there taking pictures and videos. It’s not like they were actually talking to the camera. It seemed like it was just one of those random moments when someone pulls out their phone and starts recording.

Maybe the guy in the hospital bed would have said something if it bothered him, but I personally wouldn’t appreciate someone doing that and posting it on Facebook. He’s done this a few times, where the location was totally inappropriate. But as I said, he doesn’t seem like he’s all the way there.

A few times, when I was single of course, I would be chatting with a friend of mine and comment about how good looking a guy is and they say something like “take a picture”. A fear of mine is that someone’s going to see me taking a picture of them so I wouldn’t. I’m not really a huge fan of embarrassing myself (who is?!) I don’t take selfies either because I don’t want people to think I’m taking a picture of them. I hold my phone with my finger over the camera lens in the back. So okay, maybe I’m a little strange. I just don’t like or want the attention. I get so nervous taking these photos, I can’t even hold my camera steady. (I get cameras with anti-shake because 75%+ of my pictures come out blurred if I don’t.)

selfie stick
I hate selfie sticks too.

I’ve never been a fan of being in front of a camera. My parents weren’t the kind of parents who photographed us much, so I kinda got used to it. My grandmother loved taking pictures so every time I’d see her, she took a lot of pictures and drive me crazy. It has carried over into my adult life because I hate getting pictures taken. I especially hate when people take my picture without asking.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that something terrible would happen in the world somewhere, and they’d make a post. Fine. But they’d usually attach a selfie! Seriously. It’s like “Awww, 14 people got shot at the shopping mall today, but look at me!” It’s like they think that their selfie is going to change history or something.

Basically, this is how I feel when someone takes a picture of me (or makes fun of my accent):


I don’t know, maybe I’m just full of complaints lately. I’m fine though. I’m really okay. 🙂

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