Holiday Spirit Struggles

Christmas in the summer makes me feel like decorating my tree like this. (My partner redid it…)

It’s getting closer to Christmas, and again, I don’t have that holiday spirit. Other than missing my family, I just don’t think much about Christmas in general. Summertime Christmases just aren’t my thing. It’s not especially hot around here or anything, but it’s just not here. If I had family around, it would probably be a bit different. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t even have a Christmas tree. I find it amusing that the only reason I have one is that my Hindu partner put one up in my house. Go figure that one out. I get a little more Christmas spirit in Australia around July which is a little incompatible with people here, so I get a bit down then. I’m sure people would put me in a mental institution for putting up a Christmas tree in July. Since I don’t get my Christmas in winters anymore, that’s when I’m planning my wedding events. (More on that at the beginning of the year.)

No amount of wrapped presents, food, or Christmas lights can change my feelings. If my family here, it would be better, but I’m sure I’d feel the same because of the heat.

I probably said all of this a billion times, actually. My birthday and Christmas in winter is a huge thing for me. I’m stubborn, so any deviation from that throws my brain off a bit. It doesn’t really hit me that it’s Christmastime here until everything closes for a week.

People are also assuming that I am in the USA right now for some reason. I guess it makes sense that I’d go back home, but I’ve noticed that going back home every year can get expensive and a little boring as well. Next year, my partner’s going with me and he’s never been. I’m a bit excited to show him redneck Christian country so he can understand why I am not that interested in living in that area anymore. It should be interesting to see how people react to him since there aren’t many South Asians there. It’ll be even more fun to explain that we’re married and that he doesn’t work at a convenience store. (Yeah, people hold on to racial stereotypes really badly there. They believe that all Asians are the same and work at the town’s Chinese buffet and there’s no chance they’ll be doctors, nurses, or anything else.) I don’t think it’ll be a huge problem though.

I’m a bit behind with my postings this month and there probably won’t be many. It’s just that time of the year. Nothing much is happening.

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