Rain, Wind, and Douchebaggery

Yesterday, the sun didn’t hang around for long. A blanket of clouds covered the skies, and of course after the blanketing became too thick and the sun set, it started to rain. Since I live quite a distance away, I thought that the rain was just temporary so I went home.

When I first moved to Australia, I went through 3 umbrellas in one day. The wind can be brutal.

The thing about living near Melbourne is that you never know whether you’ll need a coat or an umbrella. Most of the time, you need to lug both around you. You never know what the weather is going to do and I’d say the people who “predict” the weather, and I say that with the whole air quotes thing, get it totally wrong. A sunny day turns into a day when the rain is coming at you sideways. They don’t really know what it’s going to do. When I lived in Texas, as long as I could remember, they were usually correct with what the weather would be like. 95% or more accuracy. Here, it’s just anybody’s guess. The TV meteorologist will say that it will be comfortable and calm all day, and wham, midday, a storm roars in with hurricane-style wind. Very annoying.

So, thinking they were going to get it wrong, I didn’t bring an umbrella. I didn’t actually need a jacket or coat. I got off the train at the station and it was raining. I stood there thinking, well, okay I’ll wait for a taxi and go that way. A taxi didn’t come and the city I live in has a really bad problem about not showing up when you call them and their app needs a lot of work. (Taxis cancel on you all the time, then call you after you’ve left wondering where the hell you are.) So, I was like, okay fine. I’ll run.

I had a backpack full of computer equipment and leftover sticky chicken from Gami Chicken and Beer. It’s not really something you want to mix up in a wet bag. I did run a little bit but I didn’t want to drop anything or have a sticky mess in my bag. So, I walked. The rain got worse and I was walking and laughing at myself for not trying harder to get a taxi.

There’s something I am leaving off though. I messaged my partner before I got to the station asking him what he was doing. In fact, I sent him messages before that and noticed he looked at them but didn’t reply. I was hoping he’d realise that it was raining hard and would meet me with an umbrella about 3/4 of the way or something. I finally just stopped waiting and messaged him to tell him that I was making a run for it back home, hoping that would sorta nudge him to do it. He didn’t.

I walked in completely wet and irritated. He said it wasn’t his problem and I should have at least brought an umbrella (which yeah, he was right) and that it was all my fault. I told him that he should have at least had the sense to meet me at some point since it was raining. I would have been wet anyway, regardless, but I thought it would have been nice. I get a bit heated sometimes, but honestly, the rain wasn’t that cold. It eventually got cold, but it wasn’t unpleasant. I was just really worried about my laptop and stuff.

This is Mini Willy. My Chromecast’s name is Willy. If I got a Google Home, I guess his name would be Big Willy. I didn’t ask for its preferred pronouns though, so I’m not sure.

So I went off on him, took a shower, and walked to my desk to get something. I saw a bag that said “Surprise! Happy Birthday” (it’s not for a few weeks) and looked in it and my partner had gotten me a Google Home Mini. I had been thinking about whether I wanted the bigger Google Home, Google Home Mini, HomePod, or if I even needed anything at all. I had almost decided that I would just wait to see what Apple’s HomePod was going to be like first. (I think this was probably my partner’s way to keep me from spending over $400 on a speaker.)

So far, it’s been nice. I’m learning a lot of insults in Hindi to prepare myself for India (at some point). It is nice to be bossy and ask “What time is it” during the night. I guess my more in-depth “review” will be later.

So, after being a big douche, I felt really bad. My partner isn’t happy with me and hasn’t really said much to me since last night. It’s a bit sad. I feel awful for being so mean like that. I think the both of us can be a bit mean though. I just feel quite bad. He’s at work though. So I’m going to have to patch things up when he’s back.

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  1. Our destination, in 1956, was Perth, but my father was told there was no work there. We stayed on the ship and headed for Melbourne. Eventually ending up in Sydney. Thank goodness!! 🙂

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