Will Australia Say Yes? We Find Out Tomorrow…

Tomorrow’s the day. The result of the opinion poll that cost $122,000,000 of taxpayer money comes out. I’m just posting this little blurb to say that I am really hopeful that there is a ‘Yes’ majority (and fairly confident it will be), but I also thought there was absolutely no way that the man running the USA would be so-called running it (yeah, into the ground). It was a huge surprise for a lot of people and had the popular vote meant something, my home country would be more respected now. BUT that’s not what this about…

My hopes are high but I don’t want to get them too high for that very reason. I want to think that people aren’t really horrible, but I get a shock sometimes.

But having said that, I’m going to try to go to one of the result events in Melbourne. I just don’t know which one yet.

When the next election happens here, I really, really hope that the voters here remember who put us in the firing line like this and who wasted all this money just to make a few Conservative nutcases happy.

I also hope to God, Jesus, and The Great Flying Spaghetti Monster people in the USA see what damage Redneck King and Holy Lord-Elect Trump has caused already. The USA is such a joke right now. Everybody’s pointing and laughing and I’m here happy I don’t live there now.

Super hard not to get all political now but it happens. The angry thing happens when you watch the land you’re from sink before your eyes.

I’ll post tomorrow after 10 am, when we find out.

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