I Miss American Breakfast Places

I miss the all-day breakfast places in the USA. As far as I know, Australia doesn’t have them. Yes, Macca’s does all-day breakfast but it’s not the same (plus, 90% of the time, fast food breakfasts make me very ill and that’s probably a very good thing).

These are some of the places I’d go to when I lived in or visited Texas. If you’re Australian and you’re looking for a place to go, go to these places once at least. Either you’ll be in love or totally disgusted.


One of my favourite places to go is called Denny’s. Not only did they have really good, greasy American breakfasts, but they had fried cheese sticks and lots of other fried stuff I love. The other thing is that the one that I went to was between my house and work. It was also open 24 hours a day, so when I’d leave work at 2 am sometimes, I’d go. If I wanted scrambled eggs and cheese then, I could get that. If I wanted a burger, I could get that too.

My Memories of Denny’s

My best friend and I would go together a lot and there was a waitress who was like the best waitress when she started but as time passed, she got worse and worse. We still joke about that sometimes. (I miss the both of those women!)

It was actually a place where a few of us would meet up and I have to admit that I really miss that at my old age. It makes me a little sad thinking about it, but I guess life does go on. Right?


I think everybody knows about IHOP but I hardly ever went there. The gays would usually go after clubbing and stuff though. I got invited to go a few times. I do remember that they had really good pancakes. Unfortunately, I can’t remember anything I had there besides pancakes. (Give me some slack, it’s been more than 7 years since I’ve been!!)

My Memories of IHOP

I went out on a date with a guy there. This guy was notoriously well-known for singing show tunes every chance he got. He was a sweet guy, cute too. Still cute, but I don’t talk to him much anymore.

My best friend and I went here a couple of times and we’d order unlimited pancakes. She had a peculiar habit of eating her pancakes inside out. Good idea, but I’m still amused that she did that.

Waffle House

I saved the best for last. My feelings about Waffle House are split down the middle. In my hometown, it was a place where people could smoke inside of it. It was a one room place, so going in was quite stinky. I’d go in there for waffles. They aren’t like the waffles you can get here though. Most of the time, here in Australia, you get waffles loaded down with fruit, ice cream, and syrup. They’re really good. The waffles in Waffle House are well, just waffles. Optionally, you can load it down with butter and syrup. Still, really good. Very sweet, and very tasty.

My Memories of Waffle House

Seeing that this was a place you could smoke in, and a lot of my friends smoked, it was a place we’d go to a lot. I’d go in for unlimited cups of coffee and hash browns with cheese. I’d end up spending later in the bathroom from coffee overload. I liked their coffee though. It helped me get over the stench of cigarette smoke.

One night (on a trip to the USA) it snowed and my friend and I went. I saw a few high school friends for the first time in forever. I got home, played in the snow (I made an army of snowmen on my dad’s truck), waited for my parents to wake up (they’d wake up really early) and my dad and I played in the snow before he left. Little things like that make me miss my dad a lot.

While I was visiting and before I moved, my dad would wake up early and bring me here to have breakfast. He was always like “Order anything you want.” I wasn’t a big breakfast eater (and I’m still not). He’d chat with the people there because he was a regular. He went there every morning before work so he knew everybody. It was a little embarrassing because I don’t like to be considered as a “regular” somewhere. Especially when the food isn’t that great for you. Something he’d do is bring a little container of sugar-free syrup (which gave him really bad gas) and a LOT of butter. I never got that.

I kinda ran away from home once. I just didn’t go home after school so I could meet up with someone I had a little crush on. We went here and from there I called my parents to tell them that I wasn’t dead. I just think they weren’t happy that I was out socialising.

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