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People leaving comments isn’t really a “thing” here, so I’m not really talking about the comments left here (Thanks by the way, Romo.). I’m more talking about the comments left on news stories at Facebook. You could see a news story about an elderly lady winning the lottery, and someone would have something really shitty to say. This morning, I was reading how the “Yes” vote on our little, tax-wasting survey of the marriage thing is ahead. Boy, does that bring out the crazy people. I’m not talking about the people who vote no, but both sides. People are generally being terrible to each other. I mean, it’s just awful.

On one side, the “No” voters, you have people saying dumb things like how legalising same sex marriage (SSM) will make everybody gay and no one will want to have sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex. Then, you know, no more populating this planet to join religious cults because those people are the pure ones. You have people who are equating SSM to the “end times” when it’s been happening in places since the early 2000s. You have the “Yes” voters saying the most incredibly horrible things to people who are voting no (and they said they’re voting no very politely) that their family is going to be set alight with hand sanitizer and a match. That kind of thing.

After a while, I just decided not to read comments on stuff because there’s a lot of stupidity out there, I’ve noticed. You put a computer connected to the Internet in front of some people, and they have a new way to spread their stupidity. I like to make up statistics, so I’d say most idiots have access to Facebook now. It’s hard to have an educated opinion that isn’t based on fairy tales without getting jumped all over for it now, especially when it comes to my American friends and family.

Not reading comments has made me a little happier though. I’ve been doing it for a while. It’s a bit infuriating though to keep my mouth closed when people say something ridiculously idiotic. It’s hard for me to stay quiet sometimes. I’m not saying people should be completely quiet though, all I’m saying is that a lot of people could have all the education and scientific evidence you’d think they need to prove their point wrong, and they’ll still believe something (world flatness, anyone?).

And this stupid survey? I’m still not confident. People have been voting for some really stupid things and stupid people. You’d think that people had a bit more sense, but they don’t. I’m not getting my hopes up (look what happened when “we” voted for president). I will be really glad once the results for this thing are in next month though.

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